Monday, February 27, 2017

Protecting Our Black Children

Protecting Our Black Children

 By Tracy Charles Gibson

1] Children around the World getting kidnapped, & hurt?  – you can put a stop to this.

2] Don’t leave your children with people you don’t know intimately.

3] If you are a Black woman raising children alone, Befriend a trusted uncle or parent (your parent) to get to know them while you are with them.

4] Get safety tips from The Boy Scouts or the Cub Scouts or the Girl Scouts or the Brownies, from a local trope or from your local church.

5] Take your children on special trips & lecture them about being safe & not straying into crowds, wondering off or acting irresponsibly.

6] Advise your children not to get distracted with cell-phone use when on the Bus or Trolleys.

7] Realize that certain members of even the Black community may have wants and desires children don’t know about or understand and your children don’t want to get caught up into something the whole family and they will regret!

8] If your children go away for a school trip make sure you read about the place on the internet. If you don’t feel completely good about the Place, keep your children home & take a day off from work.

9]  If you have more than three children and can afford it, take your children to a nice restaurant – not Red Lobster or Olive Garden -- & teach them about good manners, using a table cloth, and  getting groomed, no matter how young they are, & take them to a nice Black-owned Restaurant like Miss Tootsie’s or Relish in Philadelphia.

10]  Show your children things to be careful or on guard about in the community such as gentrification, signs of White Racism, dangerous abandoned buildings, broken Street Lights (look both ways), or buildings under construction with tall cranes that could be dangerous. Don’t overload the Children with information. Intersperse information in a comfortable, timely and appropriate manner. 

11] When your children get a little older, say 3, start to let them read books. Have a no-Television night where everyone reads a good appropriate book.

12] Take the Whole Family out for exercise on a regular basis.

13] If you have any questions call me at 1 (215) 823 9985.

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