Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don't Read this Unless you are Black and Ready to REALLY Help Yourself and Black People Who Have Been Held Back!

Anything for $??
  By Tracy Charles Gibson Written recently… finished on 5/28/2017


     *****Have we sold our souls like beast? Have we no ethical combination when it comes to the value we place on money and money alone, forgetting the TURE value of the Human Spirit?  Even when I say True Value, what comes to mind is a hardware store, not what I really wanted to convey, which is having real concerns for the Black Humans left on this precious, vital earth.  We have fallen for the folly of those who control most of the wealth placed in U.S. dollars instead of listening to People like Martin Luther King, Jr., who said unless you have something for which you are willing to die to work towards, you are NOT really fit to live. That thing I would die for is our Black youth, our Black children and their well-being. That thing I would die for is Peace on Earth – real PEACE!; That thing I would die for is LOVe and the Human Spirit ringing true to each of us as Humans; that thing I would die for is the living Spirits of my Black Ancient and not so ancient ancestors to live in and out of antiquity --  on into being remembered forever. That thing I would die for is seeing the smile of Black children and seeing the eyes and smile of my own Black male LOVer,. That thing I would die for and live for is having success, but it is a success that rings true with GOD, not something I have traded my soul in for cash for, a few pieces of GOLD, and a soft pretzel or hoagie. How did so many of us get broke and why do we accept it. What does it take for most of us as Black People to get the message and accept the message and act on the message that we MUST buy items at our own Black stores and never accept the White man, the Asian man, or the Latin man as a provider of goods and services for us or our families? If you get bad service, tell the Black store owner and try them or another Black store owner again. I know we are hard to find, but work at it as hard as you work at getting another lottery ticket, bottle of wine or LUCY cigarette. If we go to a White man or even an East Indian, our dollars are not going to work for us, they are going, more often than not, those dollars are going to work for them and not us. This is why, simply, we are left without.  A decent White man, if there are any, and this is questionable, a decent White man would not even accept us as customers and steer us in the direction of the next Black Person who would take our Black dollars and utilize them for good purpose, not a new car or a gold watch, but a Black youth’s education, needed housing, a Black bank account waiting to grow a Black business, a legitimate debt waiting to be paid so we can MOVe our Black selves and our Black MOVeMENT  forward. With all the continued unmet promise of this country, we need not ever again support White People economically, even if we work for a White company.  Yes, we all get tired and weary of the battle for Black Human Rights and for the rights of our Black People. But hanging everything on making the next dollar is inconsistent with the Bible , inconsistent with GOD and inconsistent with good and just African principals. It is also inconsistent with Human decency, Human kindness and the will to MOVe us forward as Black People.  Think before you spend. Do some research. Do you know that about 50 years ago there were over 130 Black-owned supermarkets in this country? Now there are about 30. This didn’t happen by mistake. And we can turn these things around. What you don’t know can hurt you. Is your life an endless parade of 40 OZ beers, marijuana cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes,  illegal drugs, unhealthy food like fried chicken,, mac and cheese, and chocolate cake. ? And you are complaining about the soda tax. Give me a second soda tax or a third. When was the last time you got any legitimate exercise in a legitimate gym or by walking around the village or estate where you live five times? I only walk around about two times, so I have to get up to five. When was the last time you looked up from your ipad, iphone, or cell phone to speak to the Black children down the street and your Black neighbors – if there are any left --  where you live? When was the last time you gave money to a LOVing and decent cause like feeding Black children, or paying for their education?  When was the last time you stopped asking GOD for money and started saving money by not buying lottery tickets, but put real dollars into a Black bank account?  When was the last time you went to see a decent Black movie like ``Get Out’’ or the one about the Black lady mathematicians at NASA?  If you think I am not also working on doing better, even after 30 + years of therapy, you would be mistaken… When was the last time you went to therapy yourself, understanding that our country is often void of decent values and decency and wanting to find more for yourself and your family? Do you go to a church or Mosque that allows you to question everything in the Bible honestly? If not I think you are just spinning your wheels.  When was the last time you enrolled in a good Black school, well prepared, ready to learn and directed towards achievement?  You might as well not even get up in the morning if you are just going to get another 40 OZ can of beer, a lottery ticket and another  motherfucking LUCY cigarette. The United Bank is at 15th near Market or at Progress Plaza or in Germantown. Look them up and put some dollars in a brand new account. I think all you need is $10. Stop complaining about the fees if you can’t keep the balances you want to. Stop complaining that they don’t have all the advanced bells and whistles that  some other banks do. They will never get the bells and whistles unless you put your money in a Black Bank like United Bank.  Pay the fees and know a Black employee with a great attitude is getting some of that money. Take your Black dollars out of White elitists Banks that show you Black faces and give money to Black causes and take almost every dime of profits for themselves, their White stock holders, and their top White executives.  We, as Black People, can do so much better. I was on a South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority {SEPTA} trolley just yesterday  and a little Black baby boy got away from His father and ran into the street. The father moved like Black lightening and grabbed the child, not more than a year old, and snatched Him to safety. There was no time for the trolley to stop in time. That Black child may grow up to be the next Malcolm X or Fanny Lou Hammer.  The event  didn’t make the evening news.  Read the stories on my blog for just 15 minutes instead of listening to the evening news and learn something fresh, new and real. But I need you to send me a few dollars.  Call me and I’ll give you my home address where to send the money. All I want is a U.S. Postal Money Order for 75 Cent.  It will cost a dollar ninety five. You know why I ask for the donation? It is because when you spend your money you have invested in something. When you read my articles as a paid customer your life will change for the better. Question what I say and do your own research. Do some homework. Work your Way out of victimhood and discover the insidiousness of our new White neighbor who has a propensity for separating us and taking our Black dollars. I think we need to change our own behavior, and stop expecting them to change much. Some of them will, but even the most liberal White person takes full advantage of having White skin. Change what you are doing and step up to a new and better Black world. I don’t want to see empty chairs at the Free Library at 52nd and Sansom Street next week or at the library in Winnfield. I want to see your Black ass in one of those chairs tomorrow. Read some Black history. Read to a Black child other than your own children. We are very, very special People as descendents of Black holocaust survivors.  Here is my blog access and my phone number. BOOG: http// Phone: 1 (215) 823 9985. Call and tell me something you learned.  MY NAME IS BROTHER TRACY GIBSON! May GOD Bless you with Her // forward MOVeMENT {HIS} infinite wisdom, Grace, kindness and the will to save and spend money in much better Ways. GOD BLESS YOU forever! Trust in yourself, your good & righteous Black People,  and GOD will find a road into your life --  and never leave you. Jesus, the REAL Jesus, was great for helping His own People first you know. Yes, He LOVEd all of humanity, but He worked very hard for His own Black People first!


``The proceeding article was authentically written by Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson. It authentically represents my  real  thoughts, beliefs, views, opinions, and desires . It should not, cannot and will not contain any suggestions of violence, bold-face lies (unless it is marked FICTION --  ) or hurtfulness or physical pain to anyone or any animal life. I am instructing my staff to add this statement to all my published works.  ‘’


Gratefully True,


Tracy Charles Gibson

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