Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Apology to White Folk


An Apology to White Folk.

First off, I'll get far into deeper waters for writing this article than I've gotten in for just about anything else I've written. I think, and this is a conclusion I've come to after much soul searching and deep thought -- I think White folk can mostly be forgiven for what they did in the past up until today --August 15th, 2015-- From now on they can be judged accordingly for what they do to us from now on because there is more than enough information out there to judge things and do what Spike Lee says is the right thing. We as BlACK FOLKS, can forgive what your ancestors --the White racists -- did to us as Black People because that was far in the past. We can forgive the recent discrimination because White People could claim ignorance and not caring, but after the fiasco of the murder of so many Black children and the killing of nine Black angels in the South, there is no more excuses about racism and what needs to be done. I no longer want to hear excuses and I have forgiven the past. It felt uncomfortable for me as a Black activist to keep blaming what you did in the past on relatives who are dead.  You were't even born yet. Why should you be blamed? Well, now we know that the financial and economic advantages that come so compactly included with your White skin need to be take away and it is every woman and man for himself, or herself every race for themselves, every person for there self. If you have the knowledge to get along with other races and see this as a goal, you are ahead of most others. If you are still stuck wondering where your next corporate welfare check is coming from where your next monopoly chip and tax exemption is coming from you are going to be left WAY out in the cold, because most of the things that were holding up such systems of discrimination and inequity are breaking down and being discarded.  You are going to have a real problem in the new world that is evolving each and every day on this precious planet earth…. You will experience this difficulty because of certain People doing certain things that I can't talk about yet. So, you are forgiven, now start acting correctly. We will not discriminate against you, but hire the best People for the job. We have a right to take heed and hire Black People because of our being left out AFTER AUGUST 15th, 2015!!!. It is still happening.  But you have no excuse for not hiring us if we are qualified, educated, skilled and ready to take on the job & WORK!!! What I'm getting at here is too many of us continue to complain about our differences and not discover our similarities and what we can work on to better the entire human race -- one person at a time….  I tried to get one organization --a multicultural gay men's organization -- I belonged to to meet with some radical Black organizations and they refused, so I don't have my membership money for them right now. Sorry. I don't have time for people who will not even meet with other people who are different from them to try to work on some mutual interests and iron out some differences. So ends this letter for now.

LOVe, Peace & Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President, [Disabled]
Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc.

A Firm dedicated to building better relations and economic strength within and between Black communities, Black individuals, Black organizations & Black Institutions.

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