Friday, August 28, 2015

Total Package

The Total Package

When He was much younger, I once heard my nephew Kamau, a filmmaker, say He was the ``Total Package.’’   There are a lot of young Brothers who think they really have it all together. Kamau spent five years in Wash D.C. looking for work after college.  We were so glad He graduated from college, that I at least, made little contingency for His finding a ``good job.’’ Not to be outdone, Kamau found Ways to create a job for Himself and when even that wouldn’t work out correctly in the United States – now considered by some Progressives -- including myself -- as the United States of Native America -- He moved to a foreign country to make a decent living for Himself and lay down roots. I think He is reaching success and is a good man.

What often follows Brothers is an unwillingness to deal with root issues such as anger, depression, self-hatred inbred from a hateful dominate culture and a Black community that is itself too often self-hateful, suspicious, deceptive & unwilling to get involved in the kind and character of self-healing that needs to take place for real economic freedom, decency and self-awareness to take hold. I’m talking about long-term therapy and other mental health supports that will lead to a better life, more useful personal relationships, a higher level of emotional intelligence & more emotional stability.  

The ``Total Package’’ doesn’t spring, in my humble opinion, from having a nice car, nice clothing, a stable job, a nice stable family, or ``the good life.’’ The ``Total Package’’ is a Black man who has most of all that, or none of that but is aware of His self-growth issues and taking hold to have them addressed in a consistent and on-going manner.  He should also have a high ethical standard, deplore racism, I have depression issues, but I embrace justice, decency, & LOVe others as much as possible.  I am overweight, have high-blood pressure, and have a very low income level. Being able to take advantage of opportunities, no matter How small, is part of the ``Total Package’’ equation also. I recently failed there.  Yet I think I’m reaching, at 58, ``Total Package’’ status. It may take about another week, but I’m patient and I can wait. In the meantime, I’ll keep working towards it and achieving. Even in the face of being let down like I was yesterday when I was told I WOULD NOT be getting a $20,000.00 loan even though my credit score has gone UP 44 points recently and I have begun to pay old debts. I was very disappointed because I had all of the money earmarked for business development. The repayment itself would have helped my credit score and the salary I was going to pay myself. The loan was really going to help stabilize things for me.   Dealing effectively and honestly with disappointments is part of reaching ``Total Package’’ status. So is being able to ask men, or women out for a date, if you don’t have a significant other and want one.

Taking care of one’s health is part of being a ``Total Package,’’ but it’s not just physical health, but also mental health. Take time for yourself and weigh your physical attractions properly; Don’t allow yourself to act too emotionally when someone upsets you. [Don’t think I don’t still have issues with anger, because I do.} This is just having to deal properly with emotions, self-judging, and that nagging person who I keep giving power to so He can upset me. From a future ``Total Package:’’ calm down; relax; put your feel up; listen to jazz; listen to GOD quietly; work as you can and please, if possible; and don’t let life upset you. Enjoy it!!

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