Tuesday, August 25, 2015

West Phillie Produce

Fresh produce and kind service abound at West Phillie Produce 18 South 62nd Street near 62nd and Market on the west side of the street. I have bought one of the freshest water Melons I have ever tasted there; some very good cherries; some very good corn on the cob; some great lemons; and some simply great bananas that I made banana Fresh Toast out of. It is great and high time we started supporting Black stores and this is one such store.  Don't ask for the ``hook up'' because getting free fruits and vegetables is How our Black stores go right out of business. PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET JUST LIKE YOU PAY THAT EUROPEAN MAN AND BE PROUD YOU HAVE A BLACK STORE TO GO TO!!!  I THANK YOU AND BROTHER LARNETT & HIS FAMILY THANKS YOU. Easily accessable at 63rd and market by the El; or the number 21 Bus.

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