Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Post for Black Lives Matter Dated today: January 2rd, 2016 Saturday

From Brother Tracy Gibson to Black Lives Matter January 2nd, 2016 Saturday..


Here is my manuscript on my blog. My book is coming out in two days. Anything else is not acceptable. http://ThePoliticsofReal.blogspot.Com


I read all of your opening statements. When I get the $20,000. I promised you, it will be in the mail. John Legend says I'm too caught up in fantasy. What can I say, I was named after a White man,  Spencer Tracy, when He was at the height of His acting career. He was a traditional White liberal {If you get a chance look at the movie ``Guess Whose Coming to Dinner.'' That is Him as the Dad. Or If you put His name in the Google some other Movie titles will come up. There is a reason I'm telling you to study White males. Not to be like them, but to chart new territory. He often starred with Katherine Hepburn who was even more liberal than He & who won several Oscars. She went to a local college near Philadelphia Bryn Mar College, an upscale, prestigious, established Liberal Arts college.  Very few Black sisters go there. I feel Spelman University is even more prestigious. Am I lying to myself? } I want to send hundreds of Black students to traditionally Black colleges & I plan to start by raising them  $ 3 to  $ 5 million dollars. Meanwhile there is barely enough money to pay for required bills. {This is the fantasy kicking in?} Perhaps.  When I see our children I immediately send them off {In my mind} to either Howard University for the boys or Spelman , for the girls.  This mental game is extremely empowering & helps end feeling hopeless.  I Am going to send you some other games & thought that end our feeling of hopelessness-- which is very powerful.  If you have any need to call me I Am offering you my phone number. 1 215 823 9985 or e-mail me at BLOCKBOI75@YAHOO.COM I have a business that hired a Black 27 year old male  who was paid enough money to pay His child support. I did this on a very limited salary last summer. My commitment to our community is almost total, but I have learned to really help us, we must help ourselves. I would find it refreshing if you could add something about Spirit growth, Mental health & physical health / exercise to your opening statements. We need to deal with self and SPiritual growth & discover we are GODs not Dogs. We have a few things backwards. The  items about Black Gay and Black Lesbian People & Black Trans People is phenomenal & you are to be highly praised {There is GOD again} for writing such in a society that is presently grappling with these issues. You might also want to discuss anti-militarism; & something about the movement towards decency in the prison system; & getting Black People jobs instead of housing them in jails. ALso { & don't let me be too laborious} you must mention something about the environment {Clean air & clean water} & our connections to Kwanzaa & ouR African & Caribbean Brothers & Sisters.  You are doing an excellent job. I mentioned our Brothers & Sisters who really need help & want to live in a more peaceful environment for many reasons. We have to stop hurting each other & we have to understand we must have a more successful & outstanding business record as well as more health care intervention. Part of my program for Black youth is to have them become diplomats & dignitaries & statesmen -- not just activists. Never stop & never give up.


You will get other messages from me very soon.



Brother Tracy Gibson

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer {Partially disabled, but highly effective & highly Productive, & responsible} of Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated, a growing concern for building stability for Black families, Black youth & Positive-thinking Black individuals. {THis statement will also appear of my blog}

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