Thursday, January 14, 2016

seeking positive relationship for business, trade school, the professions. . .

Older Black Man is seeking someone between 34 & 45 to build a positive business & professional &  personal relationship with. This person must be a male and have great ambitions & want to be trained in the world of study He is most interested in. The writer of this ad does not have time to play games. I Am a great trainer. If you get excited about discovering your intelligent side or want to go to trade school and are not afraid to learn the truth and be open to debate, discuss, & learn on a high scale, possibly going back to school for study on a graduate level, & have an interests in the arts, writing, professions etc. Give me a call. I can help you take yourself seriously& get on a better track in life. If you want all this, with no personal relationship, please call me also because I want five students who are serious about study and want to be a professional Person and are serious about study, not being another negative statistic, but a success and one who makes the decisions that helps rule and change the world.  Call Mr. Tracy Gibson at 215 823 9985. DO NOT TEXT ME!!

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