Thursday, January 7, 2016

No to a Socialist / Capitalist Military Showing on May Day (2015 and into the future)

An Open Letter to the Russian Federation…!!!
Just moments ago I wrote the Cuban Mission to the United Nations; A friend who represents the African National Congress [South Africa's Governing Body] here in Philadelphia; the United Nations Mission to North Korea; and the Gates Foundation about How it would be such a great thing for Socialist countries like China, Cuba and the Russian Federation to NOT SHOW their military might in the media this May Day, but instead, use the arts like film, theatre, dance, Street Theatre, other Progressive media & Children's Puppet Shows, to present to the world what they do to bolster Peace and work towards ending disease in the world & in their respective countries. A similar letter will be sent to Brazil, Sweden, Namibia and Angola.   The arts have always been a magnificent Way to show growth and development in a country and present peacefully How countries and Peoples can build on more positive aspects of their nations. Culture is very powerful, especially when it is used for Peace and not propaganda. [That goes for Capitalist and Socialist.]. One of the problems we are having in the United States is our young Black People being abused and hurt unjustly by our police. It is going on in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and far too many other areas of our fair nation. We need your solutions to help us stop this useless violence. Let us know what to do. Let us hear from you. Give our leaders and our community People your advice.
Military Might on the part of the Socialist countries has ALWAYS been used to leverage more military spending in the United States of Native America.  The flashy armaments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have been used in the past to scare the People of the United States into supporting more and broadened military spending in the Administration, Congress & at the Pentagon. The time has come for this military build up to STOP IT IS COSTING WAY TOO MANY LIVES AND TOO MUCH MONEY!!!!!!!!!
The back and forth bickering that is replacing diplomacy has to change as well. It is time for the real People in these countries like the United States of Native America to have a major say in foreign policy and the keeping of Peace and economic opportunity in all countries. The People want Peace. Even those who fight our wars want Peace and want to work in non-military jobs, but they do want security for our People here in North America, [The United States of Native America]. I know the military workers in The Russian Federation , the military Doctors, the military nurses--I know they also want Peace and an end to war and more Olive Branches instead of war.
Ask a United States veteran who lost a limb in Viet Nam; ask a nurse who lost Her vision in Iraq; ask the general population walking down the street in Saint Louis and they will tell you the same thing--we want Peace and Security and we want jobs not more military spending.   I hope you will do whatever you can to help your own government in the Russian Federation and other Socialist countries like Cuba, to NOT show their military hardware at all this year, but show their progress for People. What has been done to get more food to People; what is being done to get more housing for People; what is being done for more openness and freedom for the average man, the average child& the average woman in the Russian Federation and in Cuba.  Are People outside of the government officials and the most loyal to the ruling party getting the services and housing and food and opportunities they need and deserve. Do People have clean air and clean water. We have problems with these issues right here in the United States of Native America as well. If the United States government and our corporations--especially the large ones--are responsible for your woes; please point this out to People like me who can relay this information to our People.    While we are working on developing a free society, we also have a rich, money-owned media which decides to play stories the way the rich and the Capitalist want to hear them.  Sometimes the truth gets lost. We need all sources to be honest and fair and ask for help when they need it.  We as North Americans, want to understand the Russian Federation's population better and we want more opportunity for as many People as possible.  If there is anything at all my company can do to help build Peace and Understanding please let me know. You can read more Progressive articles by me [Brother Tracy Gibson] by logging onto my blog at:
We see ourselves as a bridge to tolerance, LOVe, hope, Peace, humanity, dignity and decency. We want to help.
With LOVe, Decency, Peace & Blessings,
Brother Tracy Gibson,
Founder, President& Chief Executive Officer of
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We are especially dedicated to building better opportunities for Black Youth the world over.

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