Friday, January 22, 2016

About Black Men and Black Gay Men & Black Lesbian Women

I LOVe Black men in general, but Black Gay men really turn me on.  It is not just a sexual thing. They are often some well-mannered, out-spoken, politically aware, great-looking, well-behaved, and just beautiful People who deserve the attention of the entire Black community & the world because they have something great to contribute and something great to add as a major cornerstone to Black history. Not just People like political activist & statesmen  Beyard (Spelling) Rustin and noted author & visionary James Baldwin, but others like noted poet Essexx (Spelling) Hemphill, myself -- {Writer, political organizer} Brother Tracy Gibson, and writer and political organizer Joseph Beam-- who wrote part of and edited the first Black Gay anthology for Black Gay men in the entire country--, Reverend Jeffrey Haskins-- founder of the Philadelphia chapter of the Unity Fellowship Church , Adodi Founder Clifford Rawlins, (Adodi is a noted support group for Black Gay men, Adodi's core group including  Brother Kevin Green -- Michael Otis --  Brother Delmar Thompson -- myself -- Brother Haines-- ; Brother Reverend Brian Robinson {Who in my estimation will be one of the best Christian Preachers in the world by the time He is 39 [He is presently 36 or 37]}  -- and Arch Bishop Carl Bean, founder of the Unity Fellowship Church movement which is centered in Los Angeles, California. The Unity Fellowship Christ Church has about 17 chapters and is a Gay-friendly church with several Black women {Lesbian} preachers and Bishops who are stellar luminaries, achievers, and all around great People as well.    Don't tell Black Gay men and Black Lesbian Women they have to go straight if you seriously want to bring on a new and brighter world -- you will not be taken seriously by many People. Not only that, but GOD will defeat you. I guarantee it. {There are literally hundreds of Black Gay leaders I have not mentioned here. }

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