Friday, August 22, 2014

Position Papers and WHy We Need to Provide Them.

Position Papers / Information Handouts

What are they used for...

1]  To Advocate for certain sectors of our Black community or on certain issues that impact greatly on Black People.

2] They are sent to: non-government community, civic & religious leaders; government leaders; responsible Black community elders; and governmental officials.

3] Reasoning: to help positively influence non-government policy and or government policy in a consistent and Politically Positive Way and to reflect a more Progressive and Revolutionary Way of looking at old issues for the Black community.

 Proposed Position Papers I need Funding From the Community for:

1] Positive Progressive Revolutionary Education for Black Children and Black youth.

2] Spiritual Healing: using established Positive aspects of various Religions to explore aspects of helping out Black Community economically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

3] Prison Rights.

4] HIV / AIDS and the Black community

5] Ending the United States lead economic embargo and travel restrictions against CUBA. Tactics and strategies.

6] Jobs for Black youth and ending the exploitation of Black children.

7] Fund Raising and Progressive Black Business development.

8] Solving the gentrification puzzle; Defeating Homelessness & saving as many homeless People as possible. Providing inexpensive, affordable and or properly priced, suitable decent housing for the world's People.

9] African Traditions.

10] The shared survival of our Planet. Sustainability; and healing the environment.

11] Healthy Human Sexuality.

12] Native American Rights [does this Nation really belong to the Native People of North America].

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