Friday, August 22, 2014

a new look at education

A New Look at Education for Us Black Folk

This is rocket science, but it is also music appreciation, playing that funny Triangle Publications thing [yes Ambassador Annenberg & TV Guide are dead, or just about.]. It is also theatre; acting; script-writing; teaching & other creative arts; gymnastics [so important for our males to vent pent-up energy that might otherwise explode negatively out in our Black community]. It is also bicycle riding [Thank you my friends]; wood shop; industrial engineering; voice; singing; costume design; make-up artistry; tap & jazz dance; and choreography.  What I'm getting at is this. We can keep badgering the mostly Jewish lead and WhiTe lead and moderate pull-the-line Black School District executives and keep begging for money and wasting our time getting emotional and being dramatic--or we can, as real Black People, take our children and get some real teachers who have better expectations of our Black children and teach them about their better selves--this means me and you as Black parents and supporters of Black Parents, Black youth & Black educators. A good teacher doesn't need a computer & an expensive classroom and an expensive salary to teach properly. All She or He needs is, for example, a good magazine like Ebony or Black Enterprise to teach ethics, social studies, business ethics, good family values & lessons on good Ways to avoid entanglements with the criminal justice system, government agencies and avoid coolin in jail.   All the frills, Chills & Thrills of education; all the trapping of overpaid, mostly WhiTe unions; teachers who understandably want to get paid well, but who forgot what they are getting paid for--these things must be put aside for more grass-roots considerations.  These are, in my Common - cents Way of thinking, some of the Reasons why I am a strong proponent of community-based schools elected school boards and politicians who really care about students & education like Mr. Vincent Hughes & Mr. James Roebuck. [THey have dedicated years to this issue and are a big help in moving things forward, but we have to help them and support them.

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