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Beating McDonald's on the Food Tip...

By Brother Tracy Gibson...

Finding Alternatives to McDonalds…..

There are a number of Black Restaurants in Philadelphia that serve as an alternative to the stuff that is passing as food at McDonald's. As you know, I am working with the MOVE organization to BOYCOTT McDonald's because of the poor quality food they have and the FACT that much of their food can be traced back to the health problems and physical ailments we have as Black and otherwise oppressed people. Such ailments as heart disease, skin rashes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and joint ailments are linked to the food we eat that is not good for us. {See Reference to the nutrition article under What Up McDonald's}.....

[But before I get to Black restaurants, I want to talk about Non-White economic unity and cooperation is a new and thriving Philadelphia for a moment. I have to mention Chinese food and one of my New Favorite Chinese Restaurants. There is a controversy about Chinese Restaurants in Philadelphia among Black Radicals and Progressives. We like the food, but don't think the Chinese are interested in helping the Black community become a stable, self-sufficient, thriving, growing, loving, kind and open community as ALL communities should be..... Many Progressive and Radical Blacks, who are part of the backbone of the community, be they usually invisible, feel the Chinese come into our community and take money and offer jobs only to their own people. We never see any of our hard-earned dollars come back for positive Black economic development. It is time for a positive change. As Black Radicals and BLack Progressives, we like the food at the Chinese Restaurants because it is filled with fresh vegetables, little meat and little oil. Often too much salt, but we can ask for less salt. That shouldn't be a problem. The Problem is why can't the Chinese get together with some Black investors to bring major Hotels to Philadelphia that are NOT owned and operated by the White man... This would be a good Way to begin to share economic pie mutually instead of fighting and bickering over who gets what and no body being satisfied. I suggest some Black businessmen come to The Sang Kee Peking Duck House and talk about these things. We will find that some positive actions are forthcoming. The Sang Kee Peking Duck House is Home to many, many great dishes. I just had stir fried Snow Peas with Garlic sauce for a late snack with my night time medicine. This Way I don't eat any cheese, sugar or bread. [I didn't eat any rice with the meal]. It was late like 12 midnight, but this is a light meal that goes through and digest well and doesn't cause one to have nightmares or stay up too late unless one wants to work and study like I do at night. There are many other things to eat at The Sang Kee Peking Duck House at 238 North 9th Street [at The Corner of 9th and Vine in Philadelphia.]. I recently had the steamed vegetarian Dumplings [you get six for $5.95.]. They are very good and do not have a lot of fat for people watching their weight. They are served with a green Dumpling so you know they are vegetarian. I also recently had Kung Po Shrimp with Peanuts for $11.95. This was a great dish and the shrimp were ripe, Well Done, big, zesty and tasty. This dish WAS NOT swimming in a salty sauce like people like myself, who have a high blood pressure problem, like it. There are a number of other dishes that you might like if you come down for a Black business lunch of have to go to Traffic Court around the corner at 9th and Spring Garden Streets. Did you ever wonder why there are so many Black people in Traffic Court.... Don't White people also violate the traffic laws..... Just wondering........Their Chicken Egg Rolls are great and not greasy. They are not so hot that you can't eat them, but served just warm enough so as not to burn your mouth. Scrumptious!! The mixed vegetables with Pan Fried Noodles is also a great dish for $9.50; as is the Seafood Maw Soup, I am told... $$8.95 for two.; also Seafood with With Vegetables And Pan Fried Noodles for $11.50. Eating at Sang Kee will bring your business Good Fortune!!!!!!]

I also ate at 52nd and Chestnut in Philadelphia and I enjoy my breakfast. I had scrambled eggs with peppers and onions with Turkey bacon. My breakfast was only $5 and some change. [Mickey Dee Prices]... What I had was not fattening because I DIDN'T HAVE cheese [one of the worst kept secrets about weight gain is DON'T EAT CHEESE!!!].. I also had some veggies [the peppers and onions] and turkey beacon is MUCH LESS FATTENING than pork beacon. There are nice tables to sit at and the Wait staff was friendly. The food was done in a very short time as well. [This particular restaurant is right across the street from McDonald's, which should be avoided.].

One restaurant I like and that has very good food is Baltimore Crab and Seafood at 4800 Spruce Street {48th and Spruce on the South West Corner in West Philadelphia}. They have VERY GOOD flounder; very good string beans and very good steamed vegetables and fresh salads. They take a few moments longer than some of the other restaurants, but what are we always in such a rush for anyway? Believe me, I hope you will try Baltimore Crab and Seafood. They once gave a donation for a Black party I was having when I was the Block Captain of the 4600 Black of Sansom Street and I have never forgotten them for that. THEY DIDN'T CHARGE US A THING. They are real community supporters and always meet us with a smile. During these hard economic times, we have to really support our Black businesses and this is a good one. Prices for platters range from $24.00 on the high side to $4.50 on the low side. Stop on by and give them a try. You can order ahead of time at: 1.215.472.7040. Open Mon through Thu. from Noon to 11 P.M.; Friday and Saturday from Noon to 12 Midnight; and 2 to 10 P.M. on Sunday.

Sometimes I envision Black families taking more time for themselves and going out for a nice dinner instead of grabbing a bag of burgers and fries at McDonald's. The McDonald's on 40th and Walnut is a great place to avoid. But what you might not know is for heavy eaters, or people who like the buffet, there is a great East Indian place at 38th Street near Chestnut in West Philadelphia. It is called the Sitar Restaurant. Dinner or lunch is under $14 per person. I know exactly what you are going to say—and I’ll quote you. ``For $14 I can get a whole bunch of fillet of fish sandwiches, fries, soda and even a few apple pies. Why on earth should I spend that kind of money on some old East Indian food that I might not like…’’ The fact of the matter is, you deserve a break from eating McDonald's food. As I have said in the past. It is fattening, too salty, loaded with chemicals, greasy, unhealthy, bad for digestion, it can actually upset your chemical balance of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals and it will help make it hard for you to lose weight in the future. McDonald's, as filmmaker Morgan Spurlock_[``Super-Size Me’’ {2004}] proved by eating only McDonald's foods for a month and turning from a normal healthy young White male into a man with high blood pressure, a liver like ``jelly’’ and having gained several pounds. Don’t miss seeing His film. But I digress. I want this Black family I envision, be they a man and a man, a woman and a man or two Black women [with however many children], to go to Istar Restaurant and try the vegetarian chick peas; the delicious spicy chicken dishes, including of course curry chicken; the salad, the other vegetarian dishes and so on. You will have time to savor each morsel as your mouth takes on every taste from this far-away part of the world that few people from the U.S.—especially Black people—ever get to visit. It is worth your good health to eat better. Better food that is. More and more health professionals are saying that if you really want to have a positive impact on your health maintenance, EAT BETTER FOOD CONSISTENTLY, eat smaller portions, and get plenty of exercise. The two block walk from 40th and Walnut to 38th and Chestnut is worth the walk. You have GOT to try the Mango Juice. [$2.50] It is the perfect mix of tangy, sweet and thirst quenching in one glass. [It sure beats the Hell out of a McDonald's shake..] The visit to Ishtar Restaurant will give you and your family time to sit, talk and savor the food as it slowly digests in a proper manner, instead of quickly eat food that is not suitable for human consumption. [There is another film called ``Food Inc.’’ that depicts the commercialism and Big Business mentality of our nation’s food manufacturing/consumption experts and farmers. How they make such huge profits and why corn now plays such a big role in the production of food in our food consumption system is explored in this film. ] I strongly recommend ISHTAR for a night of enjoyable eating with friends, family or significant others.

As I have said in other articles: Family Variety and Deli at 310 South 52nd Street, is a delicious alternative to McDonald's. Their food is fresh, well prepared and they do NOT sell any pork, which The Nation has been telling us for decades is eroding the health and strength of our community. Family Variety and Deli sells great dinners on Fridays and Saturdays; as well as great sandwiches {You can get rye or wheat bread if you don't want the traditional hogie rolls which are NOT good for health}. I often go to Family Variety and Deli and I find the ladies and gentlemen who work there to be kind, courteous, friendly and helpful. I STRONGLY recommend you support them.

Another Restaurant I visited in Upper Darby is Tim's Roti Shop/Restaurant {Phone} 484-461-3080
They have Jamaican / African cuisine and I had some and it is quite tasty. This place makes a nice divergence from the McDonald's right down the street, which has the same old dried out hamburgers; fattening fish o fillets; and sugary sodas, shakes and greasy fries... What Tim's has is jerk chicken {Nice and spicy and quite good; delicious beans and rice; good fish and veggies without meat in them such as collard greens and cabrich. Enjoy!!! They are available for catering as well.....

It is also important to mention introducing new and exciting books about nutrition and the food industry into you life and thought process; Suggested Reading: ``Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed food Took Over The American Meal,'' By Melanie Warner [ available used for $16.14 of; ]''Cooking The Fat-Free, Salt-Free, Sugar Free, Flavor-Full Way,'' By Marcia Williams, [ available used on www.Amazon.Com for $28.98.]; ``Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us,'' By Michael Moss.; [Available used on for $10.95.] [You may also be able to view some of these authors on clips on Democracy Now by going to www.YouTube.Com and entering and looking through their film archives. They make a very considerable impact on thinking more positively about food choices.

If You want to write Black McDonald's Owners with your views and opinions: The National Black McDonald's Operators Association {NBMOA}; Post Office Box 820668; South Florida Florida 33082-0668

NOTE: Please know that while this material is NOT copyrighted, to my knowledge, it is the property of the author and not to be copied or reproduced, unless asked to be forwarded by the writer Himself. Just because we have the Internet and a more free floating idea of copyright ownership does NOT mean to steal things willy nilly without a care in the world. Such behavior is not proper or recommended for people who wish to have anything they may have produced held as their own in a court of law.

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