Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Mic of Dees

Dear Good Brothers and Sisters: I have volunteered to help the MOVE Organization in the PHILADELPHIA area to act on a boycott of McDonald's. I know what you are going to say: Why McDonald's? There are plenty of other criminals selling us fast food that is killing us as well!!! This is true, but in the successful movements, you have to target your points and fine tune your message. You can't go after everybody. The reasons why we have selected McDonald's is that:
* McDonald's is really harming and victimizing animals in the way they kill stock for meat for burgers.
* McDonald's is very intransigent in the way they don't respond positively to customer complaints and suggestions about new products that are less fatty, salty, sugary, dangerous, and filled with pesticides. There are easy alternatives, but McDonald's keeps pumping out the same old stuff that is killing our people with High Blood Pressure; Heart Disease; Sugar Diabetes; Cancer and on and on. It is time to take a stand.
* McDonald's is responsible for on average of about 6 % of ALL the trash in the Whole Northern United States. They need to use less paper in their packaging and more environmentally purposeful packaging to lessen trash and the multitudes of trash that they are spreading across our Nation and the world.
* We also chose McDonald's because they are such an open target and because they are ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! They have a waiting line to get a franchise and it still cost over a million dollars to wreak this havoc on the people. It has to end and they need to be dragged, kicking and screaming if need be, into the future... A future that is more humane, decent, loving, kind, receptive, respectful, understanding and able to care for people instead of just seeing people as open wallets to be exploited.
* The MOVIE``Super Sizer Me'' really points out the health risks of eating at McDonald's on a regular basis. The director of the film eats at McDonald's for a period of time and finds his health going South steadily. { his liver practically turns to jelly} The film is a documentation about the real health risks of eating Double Quarter Pounders; Greasy fries; milk shakes; cokes; greasy piece-meal fish sandwiches covered with tarter sauce; sugary cookies and other items that Black, Latin and Poor White families across the Nation are stuffing down their children. IT HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE!!!
* One Last Note: A Lot of People didn’t notice when the University of Pennsylvania Hospital closed the MacDonalds at Children’s Hospital. We DID!!!.... This proves that the food is NOT suitable for children who are trying to get better in the HOSPITAL—WHY IS IT EVER USEFUL OR HEALTHFUL AT ALL IF IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE UNIVERSITY OF PENN HOSPITAL’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COMPLEX?????
Please send this rational for the boycott of McDonald's to as many people as you wish and have them write me at: BLockBoi75@Yahoo.Com
If you want to read other articles by me as an activist and writer, please look up Brother Tracy Gibson under GOOGLE and look under ``The Politics of Real'' under their Blogg information.
Thank you and please stay in touch.....

If you want to write McDonalds: Please do so at: The McDonalds Corporation
1 McDonalds Drive
Oakbrook Ill 60523-1911

Write about how they need to change their food choices and make suggestions as to what they should sell to improve their menue.
Brother Tracy Gibson...

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