Saturday, March 14, 2015

Why the wealthy hate the Poor? To Be Continued a work in progress

Why do the rich hate the poor? It is a question I have thought about for a while. As a student of good, stable mental health and how to reach it and maintain it, the only answer I have is that the rich are mostly very mentally ill. Not all rich people, but decidedly most of them. There are certainly exceptions. If I were rich I would only spend part of the time discovering ways of getting richer. A preoccupation with finding new sources of profit and new ways to exploit People and get more work out of them for the dollars an employer pays them is not a very ethical or altruistic way to spend one's time. If I were rich I would spend a great amount of time support the work of Oxfam America and other such non-profits who have discovered Ways to help women, poor women -- especially Black & People of Color Women -- in poor villages across much of the developing world to create micro businesses that stabilize those villages economically and create opportunities for the entire village.

Unfortunately, many of the rich are preoccupied with finding new modalities to carry out plunder, deceit and economic exploitation. Most wars the former United States carries out are rooted in & driven by such evil ambitions and evil desires as how to line the pockets of the rich and wealthy with even more money. When we buy certain products we are supporting the exploitation and further plunder of people and land. The Koch Brothers have had much of their such plunder documented in a new book called: When we buy Brunei [look up] paper towels this is what we are doing. When we support buying the little trinkets that Walt Disney makes that is what we are doing. I am told by a good activist friend that Disney Studios employs a goodly number of People in Haiti to make little toys and trinkets that are given away with happy meals at McDonalds. The workers who make these little objects that bring joy to the hearts of youngsters during and after eating food that is literally killing them, are also helping support the exploitation of these Haitian workers who are paid next to nothing.  [I need to do the research on this allegation]  Most wars lay a foundation for and give cover to economic expansion for rich people and give way to plunder. War is not only a way to expand influence for rich people. War is actually a tool and a mechanism used to introduce the kind of political foundation that allows for the exploitation itself.  War introduces foreigners to the invading government [usually the United States of European countries] first hand. The former United States has been an invading government for years.  If you Google the phrase U.S. invasions after World War II, a list of some 150 U.S. backed or U.S. led invasions, wars and covert actions comes up. There have been hundreds of lives lost, children have been raped, villages have been pillaged and burned, and innocent women and men who simply want to rule their own nations independently have been maimed, killed, raped, tortured and otherwise left to die.

It hurts me to have to tell these stories. They are based in truth. It is the truth our government doesn't want us to know. When we buy certain products like Dixie Cups, also owned by the Koch Brothers, we buy into the laying of the foundation of such murderous plunder and the expansion of it through exploitation.

I wish I could tell you another story and it be true. In a Way I can. In a Way there is hope. There is hope because there are companies that are owned by the workers like [look up peanut butter company] [do the research]. As more People become aware of these things they are able to  focus and tighten in on their purchasing power and not buy Dixie Cups and Brawnie [research] Paper Towels. There are a host of such products we should NOT be buying if we are serious about helping our Brothers and Sisters in developing countries like in Asia and Africa.     I will come back to this later and do the research and writing.

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