Friday, March 20, 2015

Finding Solutions for McDonalds Food At McDonalds? WHAT?

I know many People don't like to take the time to find Caribbean & non-fattening, non-sugary,  non-dairy, & non-meat foods in our neighborhoods. For you I am going to talk a bit about things you can eat right in McDonalds that are much better for you than the general fair of burgers, fries & sugary sodas. To drink: try some Spring Water or some Orange Juice; to eat: try a side salad with no meat and just ONE salad dressing; Also to eat: Try some yogurt in a tube. Also: try a fillet- of- fish without the Tarter sauce or the cheese--just try it once. I guarantee that GoD will look upon you and smile.  Now-- what GoD will actually do for you, I'm not sure. That we will leave up to GoD. But I'm sure it will be worth the opportunity you are granting yourself to do something different. I know what it's like to move outside of your comfort zone and do something different.  It is almost like walking into a Lion's Den with a real live Lion in there. It is like walking off a plank into shark-infested waters. It is like walking in an Asian jungle with no food or weapons and no clothing on.  I know because I've got to do something I'm not that good at on Sunday when I read a letter I wrote in front of my church.  It is a good letter and all, but it is a rather deep subject that calls for nerves of well, steel. So wish me luck. Please eat something different at McDonalds when you go there next. Have you noticed How McDonalds have been well, I hate to say it, but NOT changing with the times and losing a good portion of their market share, even without cutting back on advertising? It is true. Also: Don't forget to try some fresh fruits at McDonalds like the apples and the oranges.  If you want to stay after school and so some extra credit, write them a letter and say you want them to sell raisins, non-meat greens, vegetables, fruit salads, Turkey Burgers, Veggie Burgers and granola bars. Here is the address: McDonald's Corporation: 1 McDonalds Drive: Oakbrook, Illinois 60523-1911 .. Again I don't know what your reward or prize will be for doing your neighborhood a favor and writing them.  We will have to see. GoD Bless you..

***** By the Way, I didn't have the courage to read that letter in church. But that doesn't make me a failed person. It means that maybe it wasn't time, or that GoD wants me to NOT read it right now. I KNOW if I got some positive feedback from YOU I would have the courage to read that letter in church. It may be more important that you think, but I can't do it without your help.

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