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An Open Letter: The Third Letter About Mr. Bill Cosby A Work in Progress To be Completed by March 31st, 2015 Tuesday

An Open Letter: Sorry, I Don't Believe the Allegations Against Mr. Cosby

By Brother Tracy Gibson
This is the third time I am writing something about the Bill Cosby situation and the ridiculousness of the allegations against Him.  This is a slice of Pie that smells like limburger cheese. Everything about the case is suspect, in fact nothing jells and looks correct with this whole situation. First and foremost, you can look back on videos of Bill Cosby teaching little Black grade school children to be Proud of their Blackness that go way back to the days when He starred in ``I Spy’’ with Robert Culp.  He has dedicated Himself to education to the degree where He actually got a real Ph.D. From Temple University in Education.  Anyone taking a cursory look at His career finds thousands of dollars from Him given to Black colleges such as Spelman University, & Clark University in Atlanta; Lincoln University near His home town of Philadelphia; Howard University in d c  and several other Black universities.  Looking at the ole footage of His very popular tv show ``The Cosby Show’’ from the 1980's He has on expensive Black college sweaters and has other Black college memorabilia in the background.  This was a little Way of giving Pride and Courage to students at those Black universities and maybe even helping them raise money through the free publicity.

I have heard there is a video floating around that shows Sinbad -- one of the Stars of ``A Different World'' telling it like it T * I * S about How Mr. Cosby treated Black actors on the set of ``A Different World’’, His generosity and How his heart was full of LOVe, caring and devotion for young Black People who had the courage to work hard at making at their education or at making a product that was superior.    

Mr. Cosby’s generosity has reached far and wide.  His stewardship in helping the Bush Fire theater right here in West Philadelphia is noted, recognized and documented. Just before the firestorm broke about his alleged multiple affairs and alleged rapes of several women, He gave a benefit comedy concert at Temple University for Black Bush Fire Theatre to help them raise money to operate and move positively into the future.  I don’t know How much He gave them, but I think it was a goodly amount of money.  Other Black celebrities should take notice of what He has done and try on His skin. Being generous is not necessarily a finely honed and cherished trait of being a Black celebrity.

I have asked Mr. Cosby for money for different projects in the past. I actually went to Bush Fire Theatre just a day or two before the stories against Him with all the women broke and gave some information to be relayed to His office about my own corporate need.  [I have an ``S’’ corporation that is mostly concerned with finding Ways and modalities to bring better values and responsibility into the Black family -- especially Black Male youth.  It is called Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. and is especially interested in helping young Black men become better more responsible Black men and People to be held in high esteem as opposed to people held in lower regard. It is about building self-esteem, building responsibility, building reliability, building self-Pride, building Self-LOVe and building other good social values. Yes, if I can take a word from the Republicans, good family values.

I never got even a response from Mr. Cosby’s office the latest time I wrote Him.  The last time I wrote Him -- years ago-- I got a letter saying Mr. Cosby had other projects He was more interested in supporting at that time.  That was more than some 10 years ago. I’m not getting on the i-wanna-help-Black-youth-before-they-beat-the-heck-out-of-the-Black-Community’s-image-and-mess-things-up-further-for-themselves BANDWAGON!! Or the I-wanna-stop-Black-youth-from-being-hurt-by-te-police-and-searched-by-the-police bandwagon because I have a proven record of helping others. I incorporated my company on December 16 2006 and started research in 2002.

The story of Mr. Cosby's recent troubles sounds signifagently similar to all the dirt and Hub Bub they dug up of President John Kennedy a good while after His death. I dont't see How President Kennedy could have possibly had the time and inclination to have all that many girlfriends in such a short time all over dc.  The Kennedy Male Ho story was conjured up to bring down the Kennedy name. I don't think they are totally innocent, [none of us really are], but it is just nonsensical to think The former President had that much libido going on with that many girlfriends over such a small duration. The same goes for Mr. Cosby.

I want to give respect to the women with their stories, especially the Black women, but I have questions that need answers. Some of the allegations may stem back to His powerful pro Black & pro-Progress business dealings or be a strong warning to Mr. Cosby and like-minded People to stay in their ``place.''  Mr. Cosby had constructed a package of investor interests to purchase a major network station. I believe it was CBS, and head ownership himself. The deal fell apart at the last moment and was quickly out of the media.

The real question is what is the formerly powerful oligarchy going to do with this case? Can they try My. Cosby and NOT have the whole country go up in a racial hot fire of bigotry, hatred and deceit? I don't see How they do it because the public will clamor for it to be shown on tv. I think the formerly powerful oligarchy has their hands full with several hot potatoes already. stay tuned to progressive social media and get the real story.

Above is a clip [ click] of Comic Sinbad briefly discussing the Bill Cosby situation.

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