Monday, July 28, 2014

Black Women are ``Simply the Best''

Simply The Best...


Isn't it a shame how families get so excited about being Parents, Uncles, Aunts and Grandparents when a child is born. Somehow the excitement is doused with a Big Splash of cold water when it is discovered the child is a girl. If it wasn't for grown girls we would not be here. We all had to come from a woman. I LOVe and Respect Black women. I know plenty of Black men who are really women LOVers who don't really LOVe women...if you get my drift. Why is it that some Big Intelligent governments actually penalize people who have the fortune of having girls instead of boys. This is a shame. I can just see Aunt Janet at the Family Dinner or Cook Out looking way down Her nose at the little children and saying to two-and-three-year-old girls ``Why Aren't you the cutest little things!!'' Aunt Janet should know better. We don't need to be calling our children ``things.'' They are little people who hold the future of our Nations in their hands and minds. They will either solve the plate load of problems we hand them--that we were unable, unwilling or unaware of their needing to be resolved--or they will hand them on to still another generation or worse, suffer the vibrations with the rest of us. To black girls, females and women out of this process of helping and being productive is criminal, and our government and many, many of our people should know better. It is equally shameful that one of the steamship organizations that raises money for women to run for Congress and other political offices in the United States, Emily's List, seems to get mealy mouthed when I ask them why they don't support more Black women for public office. This is why there are organizations like The National Congress of Black Women to support the issues of Black women and Black female teens and Black girls. This is why I send them small donations whenever I can. I hope you will also. If you can't do this, maybe you should get one less hair weave, one less dress, one less new pair of sneakers, one less hair locking, one less piece of cake, one less pare of shoes, or one less piece of fried chicken, or go see one less movie, play or sporting event and give the money to The National Congress of Black Women for the various events and issues they feel are important. If you really can't afford to do this, maybe you can write to one of the Black Sororities like the AKA's and ask them to send in some money. I will put the address of the National Congress of Black Women here very soon for the betterment of your chances to take this article seriously. My mother raised me correctly, this is why I just wrote this and why I feel this Way. Several women in my life have helped me in my work to become a better man and help myself first, believe in GOD and believe in Black women and the need for their issues to be addressed properly. I was very happy when I heard women speak up and talk about the crisis with Black women when they were just about tired of all the Hub Bub about Black men, Black boys and Black male teens. Not to deny the Black men and Black males anything, but these inner city social issues need a great deal of help and attention from all of us. I am proud to be a man, but I LOVe to see Black women get their positive, deserved and needed reward for the hard work and dedication they have given to the Black Family.

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