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May 29th 2014, Thursday.. Re-Edited on July 28th, 2014, Monday

From Mr. Tracy Gibson
213 South 49th Street, Apartment # A1
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19139
Disabled Worker - Businessman
1 (215) 921-2065

To: The Mayor Of Philadelphia
Mayor Michael Nutter
Room 215, City Hall
Broad & Market Str
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  19107

Dear Respected Mayor:

Good Morning!! I am interested in finding out how to go about honestly getting consulting contracts with the City of Philadelphia without ``asking for political favors'' or ``pulling strings that pull back.''  The businesses I hold including:  The Black Millionaire's Network--a subsidiary of my parent company dedicated to building a network across our Nation that will teach better personal business habits, better Ways to effectively handle, save and spend money, and ways to turn cash into property ownership, and also suggest a reading list along with other components leading towards successfully SPENDING MONEY IN A POSITIVE AND PRODUCTIVE MANNER.... Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. [BTGAndA] is the parent company dedicated to working in research, education, business development, Public Relations and philanthropy. BTGAndA has the mission of stabilizing Black males, Black children and entire Black families. I am also working to build a non-profit I call The Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East. I have written the city before about this important matter, but haven't gotten a concrete answer that I was able to follow up on as yet. My business is interested in doing research, education, advocacy, public relations & philanthropic work with & for the City of Philadelphia.

I have been a Philadelphia resident most of my 57 years. I am a Black Gay man who LOVes People--ALL types of people.... I am a disabled worker [bipolar with schizophrenic features] but have been doing quite well emotionally for the last 13 years. I have NOT had to be hospitalized for mental illness since that time.  I have been constructing a multinational corporation for the last 12 years, but we are still not financially solvent as far as I know. I have great ambitions of hiring plenty of workers from divergent backgrounds, especially Black People, here in the Philadelphia area.  I give a special designation towards Black People because we all know of the disenfranchisement this particular group of People have suffered from. Black People have been left out of the city unions, middle level executive jobs and the top jobs for decades and have been losing property at a very real pace.  But this picture can change over time with help from a Progressive City Government, working People, middle-income People, our religious, civic and community leaders and local People of great wealth who want to see real justice and real sharing take place in Philadelphia. My feeling is that all boats must be lifted and that no one should have to suffer economically. I feel Philadelphia is in a prime position and in a prime space in time for a more progressive future to begin right in our lifetimes—right NOW!! I have said we should consider ourselves the Education City because New York is the finance City and Washington is the Center of Government.  We need an identity. A strong, positive identity!!  [I have written you about this before.] Such work--advocacy, research & education--is part of what I dedicate my life to. I work about 10 hours a day and I mean business.  But not just business for the rich and wealthy, but I mean and work towards inclusion for everybody. Prosperity for everybody. And decency for everybody.  This can happen over time and with little fanfare and disruption if more cooperation takes place and if more people listen to each other instead of just judge each other, grow impatient and continue to be left out of the winner's circle...  IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO LISTEN TO QUALIFIED LEADERS, BUT ALWAYS HAVE A QUESTIONING MIND!! My Beloved Parents--Mr. Charles Saint Clair Gibson and Mrs. Jessie Mae Gibson (both deceased) taught me that we should be fair to everyone and seek justice, inclusion and fairness for everyone. This is why I have started a corporation called Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc. and one of the Subsidiaries, The Black Millionaire’s Network.  The Parent company, Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Inc., is a growing for-profit concern that does Public Relations, Education,  Advertising, Community Advocacy, Philanthropy & Research.  Some of the things we have achieved over the last few years include: starting a process to work towards and advocate towards more Black youth and Black People effectively getting in the construction trade and housing redevelopment work. As Black People, we have been blocked out of housing boom after housing boom. Some of us are ``allowed'' to buy property, but many of us end up losing our property to foreclosure [as I did]  or never profiting the way we should or the way that has been promised to us by so many ``housing hucksters and housing experts''. I have written the First Lady about how to ethically buy property and expand our property base as Black neighborhood people and Black indigenous People and expand on business ownership without causing gentrification and all the problems that start when that hideous process takes place... I have advocated for a Black Construction worker's, Black Trades men's, Black Trades women's and Black Contractor's Union to be formulated & organized to help us effectively work towards getting more  contracting work throughout the City of Philadelphia. This will especially help younger workers coming into the Construction business who are eager to learn and want to make a good wage.  I have also Helped successfully advocate for the Kimmel Center to hold free concerts for the public [They had at least three free Jazz concerts just two months ago [April, 2014]; and I have taken a position for an elected School Board in Philadelphia [I’ll be calling Jannie Blackwell, my city Council Representative, about this issue very soon. If I am not mistaken, she has advocated for an elected School Board here.]. I have also worked on getting the Barns Foundation to establish better, more honest relations with the Black Community [The Barns Foundation was broadly criticized for the way they took over much of their art collection which, I believe, was left in Black hands at a major Black educational institution before the controversy started that ended up in the Barns Foundation getting control of the valuable art work they now display at 23rd and The Benjamin Franklin Parkway, as their own.]. I have written the Queen of England and several celebrities through my blog to coax the City of Philadelphia [and The Royal Family of England] to hold a major charitable concert here in honor of The Royal Family and the many charities they will be helping raise money for, including OxFam America and The United Negro College Fund. The money would be used to stem some of the long-term problems that plague many African countries as well as for local charitable organizations.  [I was trained by a major Fund Raising expert who held a day-long seminar at the Philadelphia Foundation in the 1990's]. I have also worked to get the State of Israel and some of the major Arab countries to sit down and not only talk through the same old channels, but listen to ``other voices’’ and more Grass-Roots interests, some of which were  formerly blocked out of the discussion such as Black People from the Grass-Roots, Progressive Jewish People, legitimate Palestinian groups and Progressive Jewish Peace Activists from Israel .  The organization I have formulated to work on this issue—The Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, exists only in theory and on paper, but I have or will have written both Black, Arab and Jewish groups to let them know there are other voices that need to be heard on this seemingly complex matter.  The Coalition for Peace and Justice in the Middle East is perceived to be a voice for those left out of the discussion such as youth and young people, Native Americans, East Indians, indigenous Africans, and other ethnic groups--not just Black People, Jewish People and Arab People--as well as the disabled & Gay and Lesbian groups. It will take on wings, as soon as I’m able to get proper funding for this important and vital work.  I perceive this particular organization to be a non-profit organization and I don’t want it to have one voice or one point of view. I want all sides to be heard equally.  I personally think there are too many people from the Academy, heavy thinkers, writers, news people, established news media corporations and established media personalities, politicians and career diplomats taking on far too much weight & water in trying to make positive changes for the better in the Middle East region.  There is a definite need for other voices of different groups to bring clarity and decency to an issue that has been muddled over the years with too much undue influence from traditional sources of money and power.  With the world consistently on the brink, as it were, because of what goes on in this region, we need to take our work here very seriously. The need for funding here is real and at hand, as are the great & positive possibilities of what we will achieve.  I have also worked on prisoner-rights issues and advocated for condom use in the prison system to stem much of the rise in HIV &  AIDS in the Black and Latin community. I have also advocated for a system where those incarcerated are allowed more rights, library and food privileges, and freedoms as they exhibit good behavior and cooperate in their own defense while not causing undue difficulties & disruptions especially while incarcerated. While in the prison system, or while on parole or during other parts of the ``prison pipeline'' phenomena, many young Black men, are caught up in not getting the chances and opportunities they need to move forward.  Good or excellent behavior should be judged adequately and people--regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, skin color, etc., should be rewarded for their efforts to help others and to not cause undue disruptions while in the ``prison pipeline''.. This need to behave well and be rewarded needs to ring true even while those incarcerated are standing up for their rights as human beings.  There are a host of other issues I have worked on, researched and advocated for over the years including most recently, working for fair treatment and decency for homeless people, the poor and people who HAVE TO eat at Church missions. The rights of Black Gays and Lesbians have also been a priority for me as I attend a Gay friendly mostly Black church called Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, and advocate for their getting a new building and meeting space.  I have also worked against racism, WhITe Supremacy and the concentration of power among the wealthy. This is why, in my latest Newsletter --Truth Be Told--I advocated for a qualified Black woman to be named to the Supreme Court [no Black woman has ever been given such an honor before in the history of the United States.]. I have also come out for 10-year-term-limits on Supreme Court Justices and will research and educate the public on this important issue as soon as I find out how such a behemoth process takes place successfully.    
I was educated at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where I received a BS Degree in Public Relations with a Black Studies minor in August of 1978. I have studied finance recently at the Wharton School's free education program for the community where I received two certificates within the last year. While living in New Castle, Delaware--for about five years--I took seminars at the Money School while I worked on a 636-page manuscript dedicated towards building better values for Black youth and giving them guidance, encouragement, and direction.  I have also taken a class at the Temple Small Business Development Center and most recently a class in Social Media Marketing at the University of the Arts [May 17, 2014] on Broad Street... I hope you will contact me when and if you find me qualified to be a consultant for the City of Philadelphia.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Tracy Gibson; Disabled Worker; Future Philanthropist; Businessman.

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