Wednesday, July 23, 2014

International African Kings.....

International African Kings

Mission Very Probable Statement

We are starting an organization of International African Kings to help with the positive growth and positive development of Black men and Black youth ages 19 through 91.  We will be teaching African Culture; African dignity rites [including critical thinking] ; African languages; African music; African Martial Arts; African Dance; African Technologies; African History and so forth.  You will be able to get involved for free, but you will need to volunteer time for your efforts. When we get fully funded--which we expect to happen any day now--your volunteer work will turn into a good job with pay and benefits. Eventually we will travel to Africa and have African speakers come to our meeting place.  We do not discriminate against men because of their age, but our programs are intended for the positive growth and positive development of African, Caribbean and African American young men to help them avoid negativity and become the best Africans they can be Please call Brother Tracy Gibson for more information at (215) 921-2065.  

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