Saturday, March 12, 2016

African / Caribbean Game.....For Black Youth and BLack Teens.....

Five People (they can be Black teenagers or Black youth) sit in a circle and each one is anxious to learn more about Africa and the Caribbean. One starts off by saying an African or Caribbean country three times. The next person has to say an African or Caribbean  country without much hesitation (say within 10 seconds), They cannot repeat the same African or Caribbean country. The next person has to say a different African or Caribbean country (within 10 seconds) three times. And so On. When someone messes up and misses the deadline, they stop on the last African or Caribbean country that was last. I want to create an app that stops there last and explores the history, commerce, and People and culture of that particular country. The app or game / app would allow the whole group to hear a short lecture on the African or Caribbean country. This app / game would be a fun Way to learn about the African Continent and or the Caribbean and or the African / Caribbean People, culture, arts etc. It is for public consumption and especially for Black youth to learn about their homelands. (It is not designed to make a lot of money for me as a developer, nor for anyone who makes games or apps to make a lot of money. Such funds could be diverted back to programs to help pay for the education of our Black children in higher education and especially at Black colleges and Black universities.  

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