Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gentleman's Quarterly for March 2016 Get the back issue.

This is a short review of the March 2016 Gentleman's Quarterly magazine.

** Look under Profiles in Evil under Donald Trump

Is the Lex Luthor of Our Time

``When, exactly, did Donald Trump cross over -- going from rank assholery into real-deal, can't-not-watch, like-chugging-spoiled-milk super-villain evil? If we had to place it, it started after he called the good people of Mexico rapists, but definitely before he called for a ban on all Muslims. Because what's so delightful about Trump's villainy is how lazy it is -- how drowsily he shifted from hollering about his BEST and CLASSIEST campaign to pure, raw racism and misogyny. Maybe Donald Trump hates women, and Muslims, and our socialist Kenyan president (Okay, he definitely does.) But the super-villain-y part is that he didn't reeeally hate them until it was politically expedient.
Trump is truly the villain we deserve in 2016 -- and not because he wants to take over the world. It's because he's after something far, far scarier: applause.''  -- Sam Schube, of Gentleman's Quarterly staff. From Page 176. of the March 2016 edition of Gentleman's Quarterly.

** A look at Justin Bieber. Page 150. (Frankly, I don't know if I'll read it. It looks as long and boring as his short life. I may be totally mistaken.).

** ``26.2 too life'' I believe takes a look at the prison / Industrial complex by examining lives of Real Brothers in San Quentin. I have to read this if I Am to call myself an advocate for Prisoner's rights -- which I am indeed. Page number 138.

** Check out the Safe Sex ad from Buffalo David Bitton (Of course for me it would have been really nice to have had a Gay Black male couple, but then I always ask for too much, so I'm told. What People are beginning to understand is, if and when I get what I want, this ole world, its' People and animals and how we treat each other will take a permanent and immense up swing. But this is just me talkin, not too many People listen to me, but they will. Check out http://thepoliticsofReal.Blogspot.Com

**I LOVe the Brother on the Delta Ad traveling over international waters. Very Handsome. Glad I'm getting married soon, however. Page 143.

** Check out the red Prius from Toyota on page 145. The car of the future MUST do better for our environment / mileage / looks / & thought patterns.

** Check out the Mark Nason shoes from Los Angeles on page 147. WOW!! I'll look for them soon.

** The flat square watches on page 172 & 173 are sublime from Nigel Cox

** There is a piece about The Donald on page ???, but I couldn't find it. It is scrumptious, please call me and let me know what page it is on so I can include it here. Can't wait to get the April edition. Funny, How little 24-year-ole, handsome, Black  nephews really help ignite an interests in Gentleman's Quarterly!! I never hardly gave it a look until I got help from Muata Gibson Hunter with my new hit poetry book, ``Let the Children Gather,'' available on Amazon. (Some of the money from book sales go to my church: Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia.

** A business partner of mine has fashion consulting services available for $100.00. I have signed up and am finding it well worth the bucks. Amazing what a hat will do. Call me for How to reach Him. 1 (215) 823 9985 in Philadelphia, or write me at

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