Monday, March 28, 2016

An Open Letter to Eddie Murphy & a Job Offer

March 27th, 2016 Easter.....

From: Tracy Charles Gibson AKA: Brother Tracy Gibson, President, Founder & CEO of BrotheR Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated. Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101 - 2878

To Actor / Comedian Mr. Eddie Murphy of New Jersey.

Eddie: I think I'm God. That may sound odd & strange, but when I'm in church & they are talking about GOD, I think they're talking about me. When I say to myself that I'm God I also say right away that I am no more GOD than anyone else. This is powerful, even though I can't forge streams, stop earthquakes or literally give Stevie Wonder His eyesight back -- I still think I'm GOD. I don't mean to step on the Real GOd's toes of go on an ego trip. Maybe I'm just here to do God's work like hundreds of thousands of other people. Maybe I just feel a certain closeness towards GOD that is really Real & meaningful to me. But anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is two fold. I have a movie idea for you that would take you back to the successes of ``48 Hrs., (1982)'' & ``Trading Places.'' (1983).

The kind of success you have been unable to reach with recent movies you have starred in. It would be part of your redemption & forgiveness regarding one thing you did that really ticked me off. That is when you made the movie ``Eddie Murphy Raw,'' back in (year) You talked about Gay people really bad & made a lot of money ($) off our backs. I never heard you apologize for what you did. I feel you owe the Gay community a Real & honest apology for ``Raw.'' Those comments were meant in jest, but they helped a lot of your Black followers especially formulate & justify views that were very hateful and homophobic about gay men in particular. If you apologized & gave about $1 Million Dollars to a Gay & Lesbian organization, you would feel a great weight lifted from your shoulders. (I noticed that some of your more recent flops dealt with religious awakening and Spirituality in a very awkward and odd manner -- a very unsuccessful manner.). You can decide for yourself what organization to give the money to. You, I know, with the apology in hand, will feel absolved of any guilt & you will get over the low point you are having in your movie career.

* Moreover, the second point is about a movie role I see for you. I know what I'm saying when I say I want you to play the role of a smart, intelligent, honest, open, stable, responsible, family oriented Black Gay man who is in a relationship with another Black Gay man. Before you faint, scream, laugh & say ``Oh, Hell No!!'' please hear me out. In Philadelphia there is a large number of Black Gay youth who have been thrown out of their homes by their parents. They are left living on the streets because they are Gay identified and outspoken about it sometimes. There parents just don't understand. You, with this movie, will be able to reach thousands of Black parents of Gay people who have given up on their children & feel resentment towards their children. I know this is not easy to her because I know it is not easy for me -- as a Black Gay man -- to write about. I am told that the actor / rapper Ludicrous  is very interested in doing such a film with you. I can tell you one young Black director who I don't know if he is Gay or not -- I think he is straight, but it is none of my business -- & that is my nephew Mr. Kamau Gibson Hunter who presently resides in Brazil. I envision this film as being a family film, but one that deals effectively with this tough issue. It is a really & decidedly tough issue for our Black community to deal with in an open, Real & honest manner. Your film will help decidedly & in a real Way. If done correctly it will help cool the controversy & bring decency, light & respect to this issue. I could help with some screen writing, but I am very busy with other matters. I know I can help with plot development & a few suggestions. I envision the two main characters being not stereotypic Gay Black men at all but acting like regular Black Brothers who are in LOVe & really care about each other. I do not want my name associated with the film if either character ir any main character in a police officer. I do not want my name associated with the film if wither character dies violently or tragically or from AIDS. & I don't want a lot of silly girl talk & girlfriend scenes in the film. & I don't want either character to be bisexual -- That can be for another film at another time. I also don't want to be associated with the film if there are any scenes whatsoever of either men or any close friends dressing in women's clothing. I think if could be a great film. I am not easy to reach, but I'll give you my home #  1 (215) 823 9985. I know for sure the honesty of this film will put you back in the chair of leadership in Hollywood (and the financial prospects are many) -- as long as you make that important apology. Mr. Murphy please take this offer seriously. Please take care & know you are LOVed & forgiven.

Here is a sample scene for the film:

``The couple gets caught in a snow storm and drive up to a Hooters Bar, finding no other place open. The waitresses are very nicely showing off their bodies and offering spaghetti or T-Bone Stake. The gentlemen are shocked and dismayed that they can only find a Hooters open and start to make jokes about it and show that they are homosexuals to the waitresses, who proceed to show them even more cleavage. You can take it from there, Mr. Murphy.''

Peace & Blessings,

Tracy Charles Gibson,

Post Script

reach me at 1 (215) 823 9985.

Post, Post Script:

Please read the book ``Sweet Tea,'' by E. Patrick Johnson for homework. No, Mr. Murphy, I'm not kidding. Ask Mr. Magic Johnson.  

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