Wednesday, March 2, 2016

feel like a hundred bucks

Peace Will Find This Nation..
By Brother Tracy Gibson

Our Nation, traditionally called The United States of America, is at war with itself. It is mostly a Spiritual war, but it is also a philosophical war. You can tell because the traditional political parties have very little idea of what the People want or How to please or reach the needs of the People.  It has to do with race, but not only that. It has to do with economic fairness, but not only that.  It has to do with ole injustices and How to effectively cope with them, but not only that either. We live in a time that has given rise to Black Lives Matter and a deep concern for the futures of Black youth, especially Black males.  The Black male population has been chosen by God to step forth and lead our Nation and our world out of a time that, if not changed, will lead to more destruction and more pain financially for more People.  The rich continually want more and more and many of them don’t even seen able to bring about the humanity in their thinking to save the planet earth and the nine billion People who reside here. Generally speaking,  The People getting the publicity about what should happen to make our world livable, sustainable, decent, happy and future-thinking seem not to really have a clue as to what needs to happen.  The changes People want also have to do with traditional Capitalism and How it wrings money out of People and gives them too little back to maintain life, liberty and the pursuit  of happiness.  I often tell People if we could just put five things in place we would have a much better world that would be responsive to most People living within our borders, and fairer to People living outside our borders. {Have you noticed that the People coming here, to North America, don’t come with flowers and peaceful thought, they come with blood in their eyes, wanting revenge or an education so they can free their People back home. They don’t believe in this so-called American dream, that has often, because of the foreign intervention of our country and the cover our military gives for Capitalist expansion in their homelands – these new settlers or immigrants in our country sometimes want revenge for the military exploits our country has carried out around the world and for the Capitalist expansion, under the cover of doing good business, our nation has hoisted on oppressed Peoples.} The madness needs to be pulled in before it is too late. Only God knows when it is too late and She or He will take appropriate actions when that times comes. For right now, I believe God is working through People like you and me. So we have to be courageous and willing to take bold, non-violent action and do the correct things to bring about the positive changes we need to make this world a better place as soon as possible and our country a better place as soon as possible.  I reject  violence being used for any purpose. There is only one exception: when a People have been blocked out of making any reasonable changes for themselves, over a reasonable amount of time, and are left without resources to feed, clothe, and do for themselves and live with some kind of decency, and these conditions last for a duration and go unresolved, I understand why People take up arms and want to make changes in other ways. Unfortunately, sometimes,  the legal processes that have too often proven unworkable, or have just failed altogether are hopelessly unavailable and only lead to more frustration.   This kind of being locked out of positive change is going on in the Middle East and has caused insurrection, violence, uneasiness for many People living there and uneasiness for much of the rest of the world. This being locked out is reflected in so many Black men being held in jail in our own country.  Elections don’t seem to change things. There is always some new figure coming forward, who promises to make positive changes, but when they get into office as President, those changes seem to be turned around, or de-rooted. It is usually a financial or money source that causes that end run and usurps the real desires of the People.  Moreover, I said there are two countries in the United States right now. First there is a country that existed during the Kennedy Administration, but has grown a little weary. This is a country that is having new life breathed into it even as it is weary.  It is the older People like myself who are weary. Young People, especially young Black People, have hope and resiliency, but they also need to be directed and move in a positive direction.  When leadership is arrested, their hope is pushed back.  They know they want change, but are not quite sure how to achieve it. I think those five things I’m going to talk about here will bring on the positive changes they want. Here they stand: One: we as Black People do not need to but must begin a process of pooling our money into a Trust or investment pool so we can take care of the most in need.  This can start by regular Black People stopping their purchases of lottery tickets and stop getting their nails done at Asian-owned nail salons and supporting so many sporting events and not going out to dinner at White-run establishments so much and getting a very small account at a Black Bank such as United Bank in Philadelphia, if that is all they can do, and supporting as many Black-owned stores in their neighborhoods as possible. I have already done these things and feel a great deal of self-power in this process. Another thing we can do is join a Black organization. I joined Black Lives Matter and I send them information to help them see some of the things I feel are important.  We must also support Black institutions that want good social change or that stand to help our Black community. These institutions may be good Black churches, good Black schools, no matter what formation they take {but preferable Community run and community-based schools}, & support good Black political bodies or good Black-run positively motivated Black organizations. Some times you may not be able to give money. Go to a meeting. For example, in Philadelphia I go to the meetings of Avenging The Ancestors Coalition that meets at Broad and Vernango  Street at the Zion Baptist Church on the third Monday of most months at 6:30 P.M. {They did not meet in January due to the Reverend, Doctor Martin Luther King Junior holiday}.  This is a great organization and should be supported. I especially take pride as I see more grass roots Black People & more young Black People attending and taking note of what is going on at these meetings.  There are other things we can do. We need to get therapy if we are cheating on our mates or if we have anger issues or if we are dealing with any kind of addiction, even if it is an addiction to pornography or over eating. We may have an addiction and not know it or know How to deal with it. Get help {call your Pastor, Doctor or Imam about this and do it soon. This is no laughing matter because your life may be more out of control than you think. I don’t care How young or ole you are, you have the power to bring about positive change in your life by taking this positive action.} Two. Support independent Black activists. I Am one such Person, but there are many others. These are often invisible People in our Black community who are creating a great deal of positive change, but they are hampered because they don’t get the financial support, community support & the ethical support they need. For example, I have a corporation that is totally unable to get what it needs to get done due to a lack of financial support. This is changing as we speak. One thing I have suggested is that we stop, sending our girlfriends or allowing our girlfriends and wives to go to these Asian-owned nail salons and ask them to have their Black female friends to do their nails at their own homes... Pay your female Black friends to do your nails!! This, even if only done by 20 % of Black women, would have a great positive impact on helping keep some money in our Black community. This is only one idea, I have others, but I have had trouble getting this information out to the People until now. We independent Black activists don’t usually have a sign around our necks saying this is what we are and telling the world what we do.  Google Independent Back Activists in your area and see what comes up. Read some blogs there {mine is} Do this instead of watching TV or going to a movie just one time and see if your life doesn’t change. You will feel empowered. Remember this is a right you still have, but won’t for log if you don’t exercise this correctly. You can read and you can learn.  See what the activists with track records are asking you to do and try a few things out. If you are not pleased or have a question or still feel hopeless please write or call these activists and let them know {you can reach me at or call me at 12158239985}. I will respond and let you know what kind of help I need. It is not always monetary help or money. I may need some stamps or a trusted volunteer to work for me once a week. Or I may be able to help you set up a trading post or a barter system that will benefit our entire Black community. Or I may want you to attend our church {I attend the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia, which has helped change my life for the positive in many Ways}. It is a gay-friendly church so I understand if you are too closed minded to go, but it is a church for everyone and one thing Black People need to do is wake up and stop judging each other and smell the coffee {by the buy,  buy some African Roast Coffee} and do something different for a change. Don’t be such a stick in the mud. Do you really think when Jesus comes back, and He already has, do you really think He is going to drag the world back some 2200 years and put the religious Genie back in the bottle? No! He is going to ask that you be decent active citizens right here and now and stop letting your Pastors call you a sinner and a person born in Sin when you are the new decency we are seeking.  You will fall off the wagon. Get back up and go to school. You will fall off the wagon. Get back up and find a new job, even if it is at half pay to start. You will fall off the wagon. Get up and try putting the bottle away again and listen to Gil Scott Heron who went through drug addiction Himself.  Send me your e-mail address and I will send you some articles that will help you see what a mess we have become living in such ethical squalor that is standard regular living in the United States. Three. Change your mind. I call what we are living in in this country The United States of Native America. I have been calling our country this for about a year and a half.  This country was stolen from them and GOD is going to make sure the Native and Indigenous Peoples of the world are well taken care of {and I mean this seriously and in the most good and positive Way!!}.  Native men are some of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. You can go on the Net and Google : Handsome Native American Men, and you will see some of the most attractive men you have ever seen. If you like women I strongly suggest you Google Attractive Native American women. I Am asking you to do this because you will not see these images on TV and you need to see these images. This will help create an alternative aesthetic {beauty} standard in your mind. Native People were almost totally done in by the Europeans who came here when this Nation was just a penal colony when it was first started. I want you to ask these People for forgiveness and ask them, just by watching their pictures, ask them How we can start paying them back for taking their land and ask them How they can help us get our land back. Ask the librarian to tell you of any books that talk about supportive relationships between Native Americans and Africans and or African Americans. Something empowering will come over you that won’t let you go. I Am asking you to put down Zane books and read some of the books I suggest for you to read. {I will send you a list of books when you write me and send me your e-mail address}. Unlike you, I’m too lazy right now to write the other two things I want you to do right now. I will share this with you for now and come back to it, God willing, in the near future. If you do just a little of these things you will feel like a crisp new $100. Bill . I promise. 

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