Thursday, March 10, 2016

Minority Business Forms

I would like to know How to register as a minority business with the City of Philadelphia. I own and manage a Research; Education; Public Relations; Advertising; Philanthropy; &  Black Community Advocacy firm called Brother Tracy Gibson & Association, Incorporated. We incorporated on December 18th of 2006 in Philadelphia. We did test marketing of Afro-Centric greeting cards & Pro-Black-Message Tee-Shirts; & have been an advocate for Peace, Justice & Economic parity for years (Even though we are not financial and do not make much money, that I know of). Please feel free to contact me so we can register as a Minority Firm with the City of Philadelphia. If you call me I can give you our EIN number and other pertinent data. Thank you and have a good evening.

Brother Tracy Gibson,
Disabled, but highly motivated, honest, and responsible.  1 (215) 823 9985

Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, Incorporated
Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson,
President, CEO & Founder (Disabled, but highly functional)
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, PA 19101

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