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A Letter from February 22nd, 2005

February 22, 2005

Brother Tracy C. Gibson
 Freedom Fighter - Community Organizer
100 African Tribes United
4635 Sansom Street Philadelphia, PA 19139

An Open Letter to the Black Clergy of Philadelphia (Especially those who supported Lynne Abraham)

Dear Black Clergy:

I very much commend the work you have done to support and uphold the Black community in a positive way. The Black church remains a strong force in the Black community. Often the church does the right thing by having programs for the sick and shut in, people on illegal drugs, people coming out of prison who need job training and other positive assistance, the poor and the homeless. Sometimes, however, the Black church goes down a long, dark and destructive road. The support many of you recently gave to District Attorney Lynne Abraham is such a negative journey. This year there is a positive Black option to Lynne Abraham in the form of Seth Williams. Although Mr. Williams is certainly NOT the perfect candidate, he is possibly the strongest Black candidate for the job in many, many years. I feel once he gets out and gets his message across he will meet victory in the upcoming Democratic primary. It is deeply unfortunate that The Black Clergy decided not to endorse and support his fledgling candidacy in ALL ways possible. I have met Lynne Abraham and I do not think her terms in office as District Attorney have served the Black Community well. There are still too many innocent men and women being channeled into jail and prison in the Philadelphia area. She never speaks out on this racist legal structure and is steadfastly part and parcel to it. (Do the words stadium rape and injustice mean anything to you?) It is my hope and prayer that you will see the light and do what is best for the Black community here in Philadelphia in its quest for legal, political and economic power and do an about face and support Mr. Williams. Please see the attached letter I sent to City Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell. While I am just a citizen of the City of Philadelphia, I am one who believes in what Jesus Christ really stood for--justice, courage, righteousness, freedom and a positive foundation for read democracy. He did not believe in or work towards people becoming racist, and lackadaisical in their quest for justice and freedom for ALL Americans as our present District Attorney has.  Your support for her is shameful. I hope other Black clergy will come out FOR  Seth Williams. Please turn your ship around towards real justice--that which is best for our community and the entire city and state. Response?

Sincerely and Humble,

Brother Tracy Gibson, Black Independent Community Senator (Self Appointed)

 Notes on the above letter: Please note the date of the letter. I believe it was when Seth Williams ran for District Attorney. I will have to do the research to see if he won or lost. I think Ms. Abraham decided not to run the next time around from this letter, which practically handed the victory to Mr. Williams. Please note the scolding temper of the letter I wrote the Black church, as if they can be manipulated by one letter from the general public. I know better know. What I also know is my enthusiasm for Mr. Williams was not long lasting, and I am now pretty much disappointed with him. I also know that my enthusiasm for electoral politics is waning as well. I tend much more to think in terms of what we as Black People can do economically to strengthen our community and rely on each other and our families more so than the so-called power structure, elected politicians and the government.  Even with a Black President and plenty of Black Congressmen and Black Congresswomen and other Black elected office holders. I have written about how we as Black People are over run with Asian stores when we should be running our own stores in our communities.  We know very little about the Asian People and their culture, and yet we are supposed to just automatically support their stores in our neighborhoods.  We need more Black community control over our stores and a greater level of self-love so we can respect store owners, and support the NEW Black stores appropriately and properly.  You will also note that all my contact information  has changed, but has been much more stable recently. I had reason for changing my e-mail address that I will not disclose. I moved to Delaware, the First State, not long after I wrote this letter. I have new contact information which is listed below.

Address: Brother Tracy Gibson; Post Office Box 42878; Philadelphia, The Common Wealth of Pennsylvania; 19101-2878; Phone: 1 (215) 921-2065. E:Mail: BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com


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