Monday, September 29, 2014

classic cars from the 50's

Cuba has a car problem, or, should I say, the lack of cars in Cuba is a real problem. A quiet voice told me recently that Cuba, if they get cars on the regular market, regular new cars such as Volvo's, Nissan's, Ford's, & Cadillac's the world markets will literally close in on itself and cause Cuba to look like an economic champion like Japan was before it's awful earth quake a few years ago, or last year. World markets will be in trouble because they are often based on people buying and purchasing and trading foreign currencies instead of investing in infrastructure that helps employ people and helps effectively improve world economies--especially in the West. You heard it here.  This is why the U.S. Trade embargo against Cuba exist--to keep channeling money into currency exchanges as opposed to investing Capital in the little working guy and helping small businesses and help in raising wages and expanding jobs. You heard it here first. But don't quote me because my critics keep saying I don't know what I'm talking about.  They see someone who doesn't have money yet and they say ``Hay if He is so smart how come He doesn't have any money, yet?'' To that I say remember the example Master of the Boxing trainer Angelo Dundee. He was fat and out of shape, but He really know what He was doing in the training and advice He gave Muhammad Ali. He was an extraordinary trainer, but out of shape Himself. A lesson I learned by sitting back and watching. The Wisdom Seeker... 

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