Thursday, September 4, 2014

Foundation: Letter About Rite Aid and Cigarettes...

September 4, 2014 Thursday

Rite Aid Corporation

Mr. John T. Standley, President and Chief Executive Officer

Post Office Box 3165

Harrisburg, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania  17105-3165

From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

Post Office Box 42878

Philadelphia, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  19101-2878

Dear John T. Standley, President, Chief Executive Officer of Rite Aid, Inc.

I hope & Pray you & your close family & friends are well & in chipper Spirits. I was a customer at the Rite Aid at 47th & Walnut Street in Philadelphia [managed by my ole elementary school at Lea Elementary School, Mr. Robert Grayson] for quite some time when I lived around the corner from there at 4635 Sansom Street, in West Philadelphia, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I not only bought my prescriptions there, I also helped a friend of mine at the time, Mr. Blair Simmons, buy diapers and other baby needs for His new born baby at the time. [About five years ago.].  I have been thinking about our Nation’s Pharmacy system and How they should be about healing, health and well-being. It is my testimony that our Pharmacies should NOT be selling cigarettes because cigarettes and other tobacco products are known carcinogens or cancer causers. Pharmacies sell vitamins, healing products like Castor Oil and Walkers for the handicapped and bandages for the injured.  Medicines are of course, also sold.  Selling cigarettes flies in the face of your presenting yourself as a helpful healing representative of the health care profession through your Pharmacists and other health care providers who know about such things and matters as blood pressure machines, home health remedies, walkers & healthy Low Sodium foods.  It is my hope, wish and desire that cigarettes, tobacco products and even chewing tobacco be taken off the shelves and never again be sold to the public in such a setting as a Pharmacy.  I have written a similar letter to CVS Pharmacy and they have given lip-service and there was a report on KYW News Radio that they would stop selling Cigarettes—but they have NOT followed through.  I think there is still time for you to do the correct thing and beat them to the punch.  Please call my home phone and let me know if you agree and want to comply by removing cigarettes and returning them back to The Producers.  This would save countless lives in the Delaware Valley and in other areas if similar Pharmacies followed suit and did the correct things also. I thank you for your concern for the Human Factor in ALL of us.


Peace and Blessings,


Tracy Charles Gibson,

Disabled Worker; Writer; Community Organizer; Philanthropist; Businessman..

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