Monday, September 29, 2014

No Good Deed Goes un...

No Good Deed [or work] goes unnoticed by GOD, and His repayment is great. No Good work [or deed] goes un-rewarded, un thanked, unpaid, un appreciated, or ignored. GOD has His Way of helping when you least expect it or when you are almost totally down to your last quarter. He will be ever merciful and helpful to those working towards real freedom, real justice, real lasting peace and more positive communications between the races, more money splashed around for the poor, the homeless and the needy, more niceness, kindness and more giving when you yourself need a few pagar em dinheiro and don't want to give, but do so anyway. He remembers. He is NOT santa. He is God. He is available all year round. Not just at Christmas. You don't have to go to church to see Him. He is in your home and in your mirror.  He is in your heart in the formation of kindness, good will, LOVe, generosity & Mercy. So don't worry about being punished for good deeds and good work. Don't use that as an excuse to be greedy, uncaring & wicked. Do the correct things, be yourself, be ethical and remember your parents, grandparents and children at Christmas and always. If you need some direction as to how to be ore Loving and less greedy, read ``Ethical Ambition,'' By Derrick Bell. This is what I did. GOD Bless You.

From The Wisdom Seeker &Anonymous

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