Monday, September 29, 2014

New Activism Tactics that will move us forward.....

April 26th, 2014 Saturday

The Following is an Open Letter to: The North Star Fund
520 Eight Avenue
New York, New York  10018-6656

From: Brother Tracy Gibson
Full Legal Name: Tracy Charles Gibson
African Name: Kokayi
Post Office Box 42878
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101-2878

Reason for Writing: New Ideas for Activism.

1} Ole methods are not working & are ineffective.

2} Let us try something else; a new success mode.

3} Let us Lift ALL Boats--financially, socially & spiritually.

4} Instead of Challenging the Ole Established order we Will find much more success when we take on a ``Let's Lift All Boats'' Philosophy and bring on change in a gradual fashion or manner while thinking of sharing with our neighbors. Sometimes this is not easy because sometimes issues are designed by the media and higher ups financially to pit different racial groups against others.  We must work at working with other people, and also within our racial and other groups we feel most comfortable with. RELAX!!!

5} Think of Policies that make dollars and sense [cents] -- And Positive, reasonable change for ALL People, All Concerned.  Being GOD-Centered and LOVing ourselves is very important for me personally. It may NOT be a mode that works for you.

6} We have been wasting time banging and beating on Doors that will never open. Some minds are closed and will stay that way until GOD finds the proper tools to theoretically open them in a non-violent, LOVing, and timely Way. Meanwhile, We have to get on with the work of Revolution as we see fit to.

7} Find Ways to create our own opportunities; create jobs; make our sources of money and income to expand on opportunity, especially in so-called depressed or ``oppressed'' communities. We will be a whole lot better off creating opportunity ourselves than we will be fighting the ole guard and the ole establishment to get the forward motion we seek for our Revolutionary efforts.  

8} Cool Down criticism [ This is something I REALLY need to work at myself--and I mean in a BIG WAY!!!]; and find good in a few things our perceived enemies have where we can work together -- even only if we are in negotiations or short-term communications-- instead of arguing endlessly over philosophy, ideology & issues like traffic jams and grape jelly over orange marmalade--that will most likely never be solved to everyone's moral, ethical & Human Rights satisfaction. Let's offer more choices: like they need to at MCee Dees like a turkey burger and a veggie burger instead of just a beacon, double cheese burger with a stroke--there I go again!!!

9} Cool Tempers and Listen instead of talk endlessly.

10} Find Point Men and Point Women who can work with different groups, ethnic groups & different organizations TO MEND FENCES, BUILD BRIDGES AND KEEP LINES OF COMMUNICATION OPEN [THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE DISLOYAL TO YOUR PARTICULAR ETHNIC GROUP, RACE, SKIN-COLOR OR THE ORGANIZATION YOU ARE MOST LOYAL TO… IT IS VITAL IN DIFFICULT AND TRYING TIMES --EVEN THOUGH WE ARE MAKING ECONOMIC PROGRESS --  WHERE egos and tempers may be warmed easily, to keep communications open, keep in a positive Spirit and remember we are ALL really doing this work to create something decent, LOVing, and kind for the children of the world ...... In my case, especially Black Children.....

11} Talk, Talk, Talk; but keep a positive-thinking philosophy and a positive mind at the forefront of All work in the movement.

12} If you are willing -- allow children to interact along, within and among different lines of race and ethnicity-- especially Asian, African and Latin children.

13} Find cultural and artistic experiences that help expand mental, physical and social awareness & positive, wholesome, & Justice-Oriented interactions among those involved in The Revolution. 

14} Begin to Realize LOVing & Respecting Self is at the Root of Stability for Our People.

15} Do away with words like ``Struggle'' & ``Overcome'' & we find we have truly overcome the struggle and are on our Way to Real, lasting sustainable & ethical sharing of the world's bountiful resources.

16} These ideas and processes are offered as voluntary guidelines and are in NO WAY a requirement for any financial reward from my companies.

With LOVe, Peace & Respect,

Brother Tracy Gibson; Tracy Charles Gibson-- African Name: KOKAYI

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