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A Letter to Former President Jimmy Carter Dated: September 26th, 2014, Friday...

September 26th, 2014 Friday…

To: Former President Jimmy Carter and Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter

The Carter Center

Atlanta, Georgia

From: Brother Tracy Gibson

213 South 49th Street

Philadelphia, Common Wealth of Pennsylvania  19139

Advocate – Philanthropist – Businessman--Writer

Dear Former President Jimmy Carter & Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter:

It is with great Honor, Pride, Respect & Joy that I find time, once again, to sit & write you both. It is funny How when you really get to know People all the rough edges come out as do all the things about People that shock & surprise—Good & Bad. When I talk with People, Black People like myself, my age—I am 57—they act like I cursed them sometimes when I say Jimmy Carter was the best President we had in recent times. They call me—in their minds only because they don’t have the heart to say it to my face—they want to so bad to call me an Uncle Tom as they say ``Why of Course President Obama is the best President we have ever had!!’’ They fail to remember the religious & Spiritual convictions and religious & Spiritual dedication you both have and How this has shaped & molded your Human Rights & Freedom oriented political & ethical philosophy & views.   And the vital post-White-House work you have both done internationally to end World hunger, provide clean water and end worm [get name of worm] contamination and infestation throughout parts of Africa. This, as you well know, is only part of the great many achievements you have accomplished since your White House days. This justice oriented & balanced idea of decency, good will, fairness & or respect for human rights is what carried you both from Plains, Georgia to The White House successfully. Our country was just coming up for a breath of Fresh air after the terrible atrocities of the Watergate / Nixon years when you both were rightfully given a great deal of credit for leading us out of a great fog.  This Nixon / Watergate fog almost destroyed our Spirit & our will as a Nation. We must continue to excel financially & exercise our God-given & Constitutional rights as the World’s leading & possibly most powerful democracy.  We certainly have some calluses in our record as a Nation, but right now, and this may change, I don’t want to live anywhere else in the world but in the United States.

Once again I am afraid our Nation is beset with internal & external scoundrels who would do us in for one reason or another. I’m afraid many of these scoundrels have sat or are sitting in high office and want to ambitiously use bombs in the place of good solid diplomacy, Peace Talks and the hard work at home & around the world of seeing Peaceful co-existence flourish, sustainability flourish & economic sharing flourish. The times we are living in are chock full of opportunities for a bright & Prosperous future and at the same time we have a great possibility of moving backwards & never really experiencing the fruit and seasons of our rich potential. This is why I am asking you, again, to step Way out of your Comfort Zone and in the Name of Anwar Sadat & Menachem [check spelling] Begin & the Camp David Accords that were reached with your help in 1978, I am asking you to do something unheard of for a sitting or former President. I asked you before and I am led by GOD to ask you again to Not ask, but tell the Navy to take the Precious name your LOVing Parents gave you off of that Nuclear Submarine which is part of the current U.S. arsenal!! I know doing such a thing will cause scorn & consternation among the military, the right wing & the pentagon—but with the private sector capitalizing so greatly from more war, death, hatred & misery I don’t know how you don’t take this Bold & Courageous step.

I really fear for our Nation and much of the World because of the conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere.  I, for one, am tired of the Middle East getting so much ink and being such a bother when there are problems, such as in the Congo and Somalia that get little or no ink and when they do get covered by the national and international press they get the story so wrong. Well, you just would not believe it. I have written any number of celebrities and Progressive financial sources to get funding for my work and the businesses I want to start.  As you might know, I have an organization on paper called the Coalition for Peace, Freedom & Justice in the Middle East.  It has NOT been funded.  All I want to do is get People of everyday life more informed on the issues of the Middle east—regular Housewives, newspaper delivery boys [like I used to be], union workers, teachers, businessmen, hair dressers, actors, and comedians—I want them to be more informed and help their views to get to be part of the political process and actually become part of the policy-making process.  This organization –The Coalition for Peace, Freedom & Justice in the Middle East--would be a non-profit, 501c3 based in the United States, probably right here in Philadelphia, but would have members of many, many international communities and many foreign countries, as well as the more regular and traditional Americans I talked about earlier.  I am ashamed and appalled at what the United Nations is doing to cover up and ignore what needs to be a better more worldly and Progressive policy towards the Middle East coming from the United States, Israel and the United Nations. They simply rubber stamp, to often at least, what the Security Council wants—Russia, China and the United States—and drown out other voices of Progressive countries such as Cuba and counties that have had adversarial relations with the United Stated such as Iran and Venezuela.  These countries and many others, have legitimate gripes and concerns that are hardly ever listened to.  This is why the United States’ military missions in the Middle East are so dangerous and often so un-called for.  The People have NOT been heard. This is why I implore you to take your name off the military submarine and make a public statement with Rosalynn Carter for Peace. I have to admit I have NOT read your book on the Middle East that was so controversial: ``Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid’’.  I don’t read like I used to, but I know this book is important for ALL Americans to read... I must find out if it is available on Compact Disk because I will listen to a book as opposed to read it if I can.  That Way I can listen to it while I do household chores like cleaning the dishes and clean the kitchen floor. [I guess that is multi-tasking, which I am against, by the Way. I think people need to be less rushed and hurried especially now when everybody wants our time and money. People need to just slow down and take their time and listen to their inner voice of wisdom and the voice of GOD before they take rash and prudent actions that cannot be turned around..] This is exactly what I’m asking you to do. It is very, very important that you NOT feel forced or coerced by me or anyone else to make such a decision that is totally yours to make. I know we both want only the best for our nation and our North American citizens, no matter what their ethnic backgrounds are. Take a week and decide if you can go out on a limb and do what I have asked.  It will have a serious and positive impact on World issues, the Peace Process and make the everyday North American, who I’m trying to reach, sit up and say, ``Hay , wait a minute, if Former President Jimmy Carter  & His Wife Rosalynn are taking such drastic action there must be something I need to listen to here. Let me turn off ``Black-ish’’ for a while and read up on this particular issue, and maybe even start taking ALL the political issues more seriously. And NOT just for the current election cycle, but always!! ‘’

I could go on, but I won’t. I am sure you have more letters to read. I want you to know that you don’t have to mention my name if you take this action. I don’t need any credit for helping you see the validity in such an action. I know full well, because of your successes in the Middle East, [The Camp David Accords of 1978 and much of your other work on this issue] that you care about our world and the Peace efforts that go on.  I wanted to add that the Peace groups in Israel that do such great work and have done so for many, many years are often ignored by the major media as well.  This is a pity and a shame and very unfair.    I wish you and your wife Rosalynn Peace, Justice and much Prosperity as I also wish this for ALL humans on earth. I hate to see People suffer needlessly. I hate to hear about the torture that is actually being carried out by United States officials, even while the President denies it; and I hate to see People starve and have to go without nice homes when there is such a great amount of bounty and abundance in the world. Lastly, but by no means least, I really hate to see children suffer needlessly [their suffering is ALWAYS needless.].


Many Peaceful Blessings,



Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson


Post Script: When I finished writing this letter I could find NO typoes. I did the best research I could, but a few might be slipped in by ``parties unknown’’ such as the NSA or other such covert authorities because I’m getting a reputation in that community as well. Much LOVe and Respect to you, especially on your 90th Birthday!!!

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