Monday, April 24, 2017

A Day of Justice and Peace for the World's Children...

🌐A Day of Peace and Justice for the World’s Children
By Anonymous
    It is about that time again. It is time for me – and maybe a few of you – to help me advocate for a Peace and Justice Day for the World’s Children and their various issues. I want to say from the outset, that this is the third year I have done this and it feel exciting and worthwhile as usual.
     There is no other group less enfranchised than the world’s children. Many of them have to live without much I the way of clothing and food; without proper education; and without proper management and authority from responsible adult caretakers.
     This is why we must advocate for our children, the world’s children (and I am especially concerned about Black, Caribbean and African children and the children of the African Diaspora, ) this is why we must get together and make sure they have a day set aside for them.
     This is not a day for cake, prizes and gifts like a birthday or Christmas. It is a special day set aside for Peace especially. Because it is the world’s young who always get the bitter end of the stick and have to fight wars that older people like you and I have envisioned for them. And it is often children who are the worse victims of war because they are the first to be made homeless due to war and the first to lose their parents or their own lives in a war.  They are often the first to be made into homeless refugees due to the bombing of their homelands, war and destruction from the use of guns, armaments, explosives, grenades, warheads, chemical weapons, and other electronic and manual devices that are destructive to humans and the environment.
     Just look at the recent destruction of Syria. I watched a motion picture – a documentary – about Syria and the country was chock full of pictures of spice-filled, vegetable –stuffed, and fashion-laden outdoor shops and stores with fine aged spices and silk and other fine materials more beautiful than one could imagine.  Then, when I saw what they had done to Syria simply because a so-called ruthless leader would not submit to Western charges for his leaving office, I almost cried.  But the real pictures of all the refugees also has to be the story of the children who have been made homeless and the lives that have been lost.
     So, in the name of a new and free Syria, and new and free Congo, and a new and free Zimbabwe – I ask you to write your United Nation’s representative to make May First a day for Peace for Children.  Get children in your neighborhoods involved with their parents; write letters to your state and federal legislators; write local politicians; have coffee clutches and Tea-ins; have meetings and demonstrations. 
     The crux of this movement is to ask the Socialist and Communists countries to not show off their weapons of mass destruction on May first of 2017, but instead to ask that these countries like Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela show beautifully attired children and their parents parading through city streets dressed in White with Peace signs demanding an end to war and destruction.  They are to be joined by children and their parents and guardians in other countries around the world like in the United States (which I call the United States of Native America); and Europe; Africa; Asia; Australia, and Iceland. This can be a magnificent day if we work together on it.
     As we prepare for this Great Day of Celebration, I am asking those who have lost LOVEd ones to police brutality and police abuse to also join in and remember their children such as Travon Martin. Write the United Nation’s Good-Will Ambassador about this idea and express your desire to have a Special Day set aside for Peace and Justice for the World’s Children on May First, 2017.  This will be an annual event and will help to put pressure on both Western and Communist countries to think in terms of Peace instead of war, destruction and degradation.
     As you might know, the photos of the Communists counties showing off their weapons like troops; tanks; grenade launchers; and other such items utilized in war, are actually used by Western powers to leverage higher budgetary levels for Western budgets centering on defense, war and destruction.  It is time to take a word from Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Junior and reach out our arms in LOVe instead of in hatred, war and repugnance.
\\ The above article was written under the auspices of Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. –  EIN # 27....... / so designated by the Internal Revenue Service . Our company is an ``S’’ corporation dedicated to world peace, traditional family values in the face of a changing family structure; and the peaceful development of economic progress for those especially underserved and missing out of the world’s prosperity.
** Send to LaBron James; Rita Marley; RFK Foundation; Philadelphia Foundation; Ford Foundation; Annenberg Foundation; and 13 African Country's Embassy's.....

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