Saturday, April 8, 2017


The Truth about the Truth

By Tracy Gibson   

** Many things have been said about the truth. Ole wise men and Ole wise women have said that the truth is elusive. It has also been said by other People watchers, philosophers, of many races, intellectuals and thinkers that the truth, in war, is the first casualty.  Both these statements are true, but there is one other thing about the truth, at least one, that also needs to be said. In fact there are many such things about the truth that also need to be said.  My Brother-in-law and sister, know, pretty much about the truth as I do.

      ** The Pope of Rome and the Royal Family of England need to listen to some truth because they owe Black People about $20 Billion Dollars a peace and God is about to make sure that money is paid up.  It is for what was stolen in the way of stolen lives, suffering, stolen artifacts and stolen futures during colonization, world exploitation and the oppression of Black People. {I haven’t done the research, so the figures may well be much, much more than that, but we are talking about at least $20 Billion Dollars for each of those entities – The Pope of Rome and the British Royal Family.

     ** The truth is one thing to one person, and a complete other thing to another man, another transgendered person or another  woman.  The other thing about the truth is that children are attracted to the truth like a moth to a flame, and the real truth cannot, ultimately, be held back, covered up, hidden, smothered in cheese or hot molten lava, or corrupted. Another thing I have noticed about the truth is that Black People, most of us, are like the children the world over – we are attracted to truth and we seek it out. This is because we know lies have always been used to oppress indigenous People and People of color like Black People, by the so-called oppressor – usually White People. This is true, for example, like when they called the Viet Namese dirty names when they were our enemy. It dehumanized them and made it easier for us, as North Americans, to hurt them when we were at war with them. This has been done to the Iraqis, Nicaraguans, Panamanians, Somalia’s People, many other People in Africa, -- even the British {But in that instance, when we were fighting for independence – we were correct. ,   They used the same dehumanizing tactic when Black People were enslaved. They, Whites, used the same tactic when they invaded many other countries. Funny, How the truth turns around and is a Big Finger pointed at White People now who are the racist. Truth looks with a very suspicious eye at People who are White supremist also. Truth does not look too kindly at such nasty people.    

     ** The truth can always be revealed as time goes by. Always.  It may take a year or two, or much longer, but the truth is like water. It can melt rocks away, change the course of rivers, or I should say, change the course of time itself. History itself.

     ** When we look at the truth about a country such as what is historically called the United States {Which I call the United States f Native America or Turtle Island} we find a country with way too much blood on its’ hands, way too much corruption, way too much manipulation for the pure sake of greed, money and power. We also see a great amount of racism, and power concentrated in the hands of way too few White men and way too few White women.  This is changing, over time. It needs to change sooner than later, or we are talking about an implosion here among the People. A revolution. Not just among Black People, but against White People. The system just isn’t working. It is deeply broken when a White man can take over the Presidency when He really wasn’t elected by a majority of the People. Truth, I don’t think, will look too kindly at former President Barack Obama either. I think He did some good things like the health care bill {It would have been much of an impossible fight, I think, to get a better bill. But the bombing of Africa was appalling and unnecessary. He made a great deal of Arabs and Muslims very angry for many reasons. Then, they are looked upon as the culprits, not that every Muslim or Arab is innocent either.

     ** There really is a new day coming where the truth rules like a magic dictator, and rules internationally, so no hater, racist, greedy person, or corrupt person can hide under a rock and pull strings with dirty money to manipulate things.

     ** So, that’s basically what I have to say about truth.  For Black People, most of us, the sooner truth is born and flourishes totally, internationally, the better. We have worked for an honest day’s pay and invested, and LOVed one another – the good and great ones among us. We will be rewarded in life, not just heaven.


This opinion peace was written by Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson who also goes by the names, The Wisdom Seeker, Brother Tracy Gibson Kokayi or GOD. I don’t really think I’m GOD, but I’m driven to say I am sometimes. I know some People think this is blasphemous, but I ask them to look through their Bible, and you will find that all authentic Christians are suppose to emulate GOD and ``be Like Jesus’’ {Christ}. That is all I’m really doing. Believe me, this is a situation I struggle with. My authentic self can’t be GOD because GOD is all things to all people. If I am the new Jesus, I am really not sure that even makes me GOD or perfect, because if Jesus – who I admire and LOVe very deeply, if Jesus was perfect, How could He have been killed at all.  Wouldn’t He have had to be ``perfect’’ to even His captors, who should have, in that case, never killed Him? Just askin. Please don’t get mad with me. Please come to Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia and know that we are able ``to question all interpretation at our church. This is a very powerful thing.   

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