Saturday, April 8, 2017

nice letter to AT & T from a corporate head in Philadelphia.......

ApRil 5th, 2017 Thursday


208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

1 (210) 821 - 4105//

AT and T Mobility
{Bill Pay}
Post Office Box 6463
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6463


From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson

670 North 41st Street, Apartment B

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

1{215} 823 9985

Dear Top Executive at AT & T:

     ** I hope and Pray you are having a great day, as am I.  I want to thank you for providing service to my residence. I use it as a personal and business phone. I don’t like to write letters of complaint, but this is one. I have a phone that is an AT & T phone. It was dropped and the back came off and we have been unable to find it. I basically forgot about the broken phone because, although the back was lost, it still functioned properly. This was a plus on your part since the phone still worked. The complaint --  however --  needed a new back. Like I said, I forgot about it for quite some time until the other day. I took the phone down town to an AT & T store and told them the situation. They politely told me – at an official AT & T store – that I would have to buy the part on www.Amazon.Com.  I politely told the lady, that your company sucked goose berries, or something like that and was a very poor company.  Why on earth can’t you at least provide a computer in the store where people can make a purchase of official store items, or have someone who can do this for customers? That would be good customer service.  What you do is really piss poor customer service.  I have also been overcharged for phone service almost every month I have had a phone with and from AT & T. This is also shameful.

     ** Because I’m so-called poor, I have to watch every dime of my money and make it count and last. The last thing I worry about is paying for my phone bill, because I really don’t like your company or your company’s phone service. The People who work there are kind enough, it is company policy that is so bad. I just don’t see How you can make People go without a phone part when you could be making money off of the sales yourself and providing the parts service with a smile. I also don’t know why I have to keep paying the outrageous bills. Are you run by some kind of secret society that is bent on keep poor people poor and being hateful to your own customers?  If I could get hold of a Black phone service that had great phone service, I would drop AT & T like a hot ball of wax.  Believe me, for me to spend the time to write this letter is proof that I’m hopping angry about AT & T and the lack of good, decent, courteous, efficient &cost effective service.  You would do well to start a school for all your employees to teach them How to treat customers and How to run a company with some honor, decency and really care for customers properly. It is obvious that our academic system that teaches our top executives about How to make corporate policy is very much lacking in this regard.  By the way, in case you are interested, I usually go to the AT & T store at 16 or 15th and Chestnut or Walnut. No one there was guilty of poor service, they were just expressing corporate policy, which is why YOU are getting this letter.  I also had my phone service turned off just last week, even though I was promised they would not do that. I am disabled {highly functional, but bipolar} and the lack of phone service for about five days was a real inconvenience.

       **As you can see from my new bill, I have been charged $78.08 for another payment on April 27, 2017. Ridiculous! I just paid $107.00 on April 4, 2017! 

     ** I do have to say that your stores are usually light and attractive, and there usually isn’t much of a wait for service.  Your employees are generally helpful , considerate and kind. Like I said, I really hate to complain, but I couldn’t rest thinking I might be able to help others and myself get better service in the future by writing. Please have a great day.


Gratefully True,


Tracy Charles Gibson,

Founder and President of Seventy-Five Cent, LLC.

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