Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dear Pastor Hendon {Needs church name}

March 16th, 2017 Thursday

Pastor W. Lonnie Herndon
Church of Christian Compassion
6121 Cedar Ave.  215-472-9040


Dear Pastor Hendon:


     ** I have been a Black activist for over 30 years. For just about an equally long time, I have been working on the issues and concerns of Black youth.

     ** I incorporated my company – Brother Tracy Gibson & Associates, INC. – on December 18th, 2006. We use education, advertising, advocacy, Public Relations, Philanthropy, and Black business promotion to formulate work that propels the Black community and our Black youth ahead in a progressive and positive Way.

     ** I want to outreach to Black youth, especially boys, and I would like to utilize some of my free time from my new job to hold a series of three classes . I need meeting space and a stipend to do this. [I have a journalism degree from The Ohio State University and facilitated a men’s support group’s meetings for about seven years.]

     ** I am very good with Black males, because I have an enormous amount of patience and I work very, very hard not to judge them, but take into consideration what they have gone through as a victimized class of young men, and I understand our community doesn’t see them as an asset, generally speaking, but sees them as a liability. I see them as an enormous asset.

     ** Please refer to my resume for further details of my work & volunteer experiences, & my skill and  education level. Here is a brief synopsis of the three classes I will teach with your support and approval.

     1] Thinking on your feet. What to do in bad or deteriorating   (LOOK UP) situations such as Police / Citizen encounters. Seeing a Way Out.

     2] The importance of saving $ and supporting Black businesses and Black establishments in our Black community and elsewhere.

     3] Do you authentically LOVe yourself and your Black People. How do you get there?  What is the real value of ``getting there’’?

   ** I thank you for seriously considering me for a position as teacher, for you church movement. I have always felt that such churches as yours will always be a positive and enigmatic [LOOK UP MEANING] force for our Black community and I commend you for your work.

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.


Gratefully True,

Brother Tracy Gibson,

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