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the coveted Academy Award for 1974 gone a - Rye {Needs editing & research}

April 2, 2017 Sunday   

Sorry Robert De Naro, I am not going for it! A Major Step Forward!

By Tracy Charles Gibson

     ** I want you to know that this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever written. I LOVe Robert De Nario and I have always carried a grudge against Ms. Liza Minnelli for winning the Academy Award in 1972 for ``Cabaret,’’ against Ms. Diana Ross, for ``Lady Sings the Blues.’’  [Do The Research]

     ** I Am sure you know that the entertainment business is one of the, if not the, toughest, cruelest and harshest businesses there is. It ranks up there with prostitution and drug dealing for pimps, hustlers,  with all the  lumps, dirty dealing, favoritism, cruelty,  nastiness, and unfairness.

     ** I am not really in the entertainment business, but I Am dancing around her skirt, trying to get in as a script consultant, writer, and story-plot developer, executive producer and producer.  I have not gone to college for this, but I do know some people in the business and have my famous mentors in the persons of – living and passed – Ruby Dee, Denzel Washington, Ozzie Davis, Sidney Poitier,  Robert Redford, [Check spelling] and  Harry Belafonte, and Line Horne – just to name a few.

  • What my little Black Angel who sits on my shoulder – Ms Akyra Murry, who was killed by a terrorist at a very young age – what She told me was to get right with that ole feeling of resentment towards Ms. Minnelli and forgive her for taking the Oscar against Ms. Ross. [In my opinion Ms. Minnelli getting the award was a simple case of racism and nepotism because she was well connected to the Hollywood world – her father was a major director and her mother was a major star in the formation of Ms Judy Garland – so she had the award wrapped up before she even started filming ``Cabaret’’. `` Cabaret’’, by the way, was a much inferior film than ``Lady Sings the Blues’’, even thought it was the first major acting job on the part of Ms. Ross. When I saw ``Lady Sings the Blues,’’ I went by myself and was so moved that when I walked out the theater I saw my sister Aziza a block away from the theater and convinced Her to go right back to the movie theater and we both watched it – me for the second time.
  •      **Anywho, I never forgave Ms. Minnelli and I carried the burden of that lack of forgiveness with me for, lets see, four decades, at least.
  •      **Now I’m releasing the burden to GOD, even though a little Robert De Nero creature came on my other shoulder and said I would be blessed if I just held onto that secret  --  because he apparently made some kind of agreement surrounding the whole mess also – DeNiro, and I could be wrong about this. It could just be another Jewish, or misguided Black or Big White lie, told to me in a very convincing way. I was told to keep my mouth shut.  It appears Cedrick the Entertainer also has something to do with my need to ``shut up’’ and not mention the inequality and / or ask for forgiveness for holding such a grudge for so long.  But another Angel came to me and said, ``this will not stand’’ and forced upon me the importance of saying exactly How I feel about Diana Ross never getting the coveted  acting award in favor of Ms. Minnelli , who is White and was more connected in Hollywood at the time.
  •      ** So, when all is said and done, I do forgive the Hollywood establishment  for their racism, but let them stand warned – Black People have found major Ways to end-run around the lock the Jewish community, the rich White elite and the moneychangers of all colors have on the production of major movies in the United States – {which includes international profits as well --  and we plan to make many more movies that are tasteful, relevant, important, current, didactic, socially redeeming, and starring many new and up-and-coming Black actresses and Black actors.   Films such as ``Medicine for Melancholy’’ with Wyatt Cenac and Tracey Heggins – and ``Moon Light’’, the latter of which won the Academy Award this year for Best Picture.  God has a Way of shining through even though we might like to cover stuff up and make like everything is just Lilly White and Peachey keen.
  •      ** I also forgive Ms Minnelli  -- to the best of my ability {which may not be totally} because any great reviewer and appreciator of movies like myself can see right through the film ``Cabaret’’, and see that it was a far inferior film and never deserved the Academy Award for Best Actress for Ms. Minnelli in the first place.

     ** I have to say something about jealousy and harboring hatreds and carrying grudges and not forgiving here. My Mother, GOD rest Her soul, Mrs. Jessie Mae Gibson – Thornton, was very bad at forgiving people who did something wrong to Her family. The more I think about Mom, I think this is where I got my inability to forgive some things sometimes. However, I don’t blame MOM for this. She had a GOD Spirit in Her that made Her very close to GOD. She shared this with Her children and I am doubly Blessed in GOD eye’s, I feel, because I have developed a very, very strong faith in GOD that even my best friends and closest relatives don’t have.

  •      ** It will be a bright day when all the fakeness, game-playing and phoniness of Hollywood is abolished. GOD, soon, will also abolish slavery of thought, {where people are actually not even making decisions of their own, but are having their thoughts and even their creativity impinged upon or sometimes even controlled}. [Check out the movie Senterium Candidate starring Denzel Washing and Meryl Strap {do the research]. The casting couch also needs to be abolished. This is where big Hollywood directors or big Hollywood producers or Big Hollywood financial people get to have sex with the next leading lady or the next leading man [and transgendered people as well] in exchange for giving away the prestige of the role along with all the money and residuals for a given role to the actress or actress who gets the coveted role.  Unfair nasty back-room financial dealings, and underhandedly cutting Black people, poor people, and other groups of people who also produce great films, -- cutting these people o ut of their slice of the financial pie is also unfair, corrupt and must be abolished. To this day some people never get their film to see the light of day financially or get recognition, because they are not in with the In Jewish-favored elite crowd of connected Hollywood executives and money changers. This is ending as we speak and as I write this
  •      ** So a burden is lifted from me for forgiving. Still I want to see some monetary gain for the work I’ve done and get recognition for the work I’ve done, even though I live a very good life with very little money. I have great plans to do many things to help myself, my male lover, my family in D.C. and Philadelphia, my extended family and my Black People in Philadelphia and as far as I can reach with my social justice work and the work I continue to do for GOD everyday through my expanding corporate involvement.  By the Way, that corporate involvement is changing and has always been as honest and forthright as I can make it with the somewhat limited credentials I have concerning financing, money and profits.  I know a rat when I see one and smell one. I always work hard at keeping on GOD’s path He or She set for me. This is not easy, but belonging to a good Black church like Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia puts me far ahead of the pack.  I am thankful and Gratefully True.

Tracy Gibson…

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