Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Find Some Things Very Hard to Forgive...

I Find Some things Very Hard to Forgive….

By Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson…..


       **He nor people like him get no financial reward from me, but I will do my best to forgive the likes of and the actual George Bush Senior for the wretched things he did to Black People.  But somehow authentic forgiveness escapes me. Starting with his own election where he vilified Mr. Willie Horton as a shameless criminal – I find fault. Mr. Horton was only responding to the kind and character of wretched treatment He received at the hands of this racist, classist, sexist system we live under in our country. What kind of chances and opportunities did Mr. Horton get? *See editor’s note. { This is a country I now call the United States of Native America or Turtle Island. }

       **I find it very hard to forgive the things Mr. Bush senior did as President, because almost everything he did was working to erase the good work other opposing party people tried to do to bring some justice and fair play to our country.  Certainly Democratic Presidents and Democratic Congresses and Democratic Senates have not been angels who were constantly on the lookout for injustice, fair play and freedom for Black People, as some of our own Black politicians would have us as Blacks believe.

       **But the likes of George Bush Senior was hell-bent on hurting our chances for a good life of good education, good grooming as responsible and reliable North American citizens and as generally good and helpful People to our own Black race of People.  Mr. Bush senior did everything possible to turn back our progress by doing things like starting wars and nominating an unqualified so-called Black man to the Supreme Court who to this day, still sits there wrecking havoc on Black fairness, Black justice and Black freedom.  He was a George Bush Senior nominee, and for this I try to forgive, but I think, to be honest, I fall short – hard as I might try. 

       **So I ask GOD for help in reaching that level of honest forgiveness and turning back my own resentment, anger and finger-pointing towards Mr. Bush senior, a former head of another dastardly organization – The Central Intelligence Agency.   I ask GOD to forgive me for not, at this particular moment, being able to reach that forgiveness of Mr. Bush. I will Pray on this and perhaps at the end of the day I will reach that forgiveness.   I can say this. I should not be punished for being unable to forgive Mr. Bush and their entire family as I saw very clearly that they were Hell-Bent on the destruction of Black families, Black positive and good Black constructive civilization and were exploitative, hateful, negative-thinkers when it came to Black People, and were deceitful, underhanded, cowardly, and even, at many points, boldly stupid in regards to knowing what is best for Black People.

       **If nothing else, I ask GOD to forgive me for not being able to forgive in this instance. I think Ronald Reagan, who signed into law the January 15th, holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr, was a better fairer man than George Bush senior was.

       **If Mr. Bush and his entire family want to go ``public’’ and talk about the injustices, the dishonor and the cowardice with which they have treated Black People over their many years in office, including some of the nasty and wrong-headed things that Mrs. Barbara Bush has said. Then I will try even harder to find it within my heart to forgive their family.  But I don’t see any of them doing this. I see them continuing to carry on the banner of racism, injustice, oppression, and cowardice they have always carried.  And his friend Richard Cheney is the same way!

       **Do you know what is the barometer of my feelings? Look at the way Black People – the most of us --  feel about the Bushes – it is fully reflected in my own beliefs.  We, as Black People, are tired of their wars, their hatred, their inequality, their discrimination, their injustice, their empty promises, and their resentment of us as a Beautiful Black People. All most of us want is to work; feed and clothe our families; run our own businesses; send our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews to college; give back to our Black communities and our Black deserving individuals; and live a good and decent life in this North American continent called Turtle Island.


Editor’s Note: *The criminal record of Mr. Willie Horton was used in a campaign commercial in 1997 / 1998 and shown as part of a ``revolving door’’ that then Presidential candidate Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, freely let out of jail for weekend furloughs or for early parole. Mr. Horton went on a rampage and killed and raped a woman while he was out.  This was effectively used by Mr. George Bush Senior to defeat Dukakis. I ask again, what kind of good guidance, positive chances, and positive opportunities did Mr. Horton get as a Black man in North America? 

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