Monday, April 24, 2017

a message to black youth

Keep exercising, eat correctly {less fried foods, less fast foods, plenty of vegetables, plenty of fresh fruits, some natural grains such as Brown rice, Wheat, Rye and Pumpernickel bread, wheat and spinach pasta, enzyme water {You can get this from Sister Atiola's at 4505 Baltimore Avenue} NS Stay away from cheese, saturated fats, and too much processed foods like pies, cakes, cookies, boxed foods, etc.}, If you go to McDonalds,  get a revolutionary fish sandwich which is a fish sandwich with nothing on it turned upside down to remind you that we want to change things from stem to stern {in many instances}. Or a revolutionary burger which is a burger eaten upside down with extra onions {Bring your own non-salt ketchup. -- no pickle {too much salt} } ....Don't forget to LOVe Black People, Read about our Black history, read about BLack culture, Visit the Black History and Culture museum in D.C. and Philadelphia {especially for special events}, Respect our Black elders and our Black children. Pay homage to our Black Ancient Ancestors, our Black achievers living and passed. and by all means LOVe yourself and attend church, synagogue, or Mosque {Find a place that fits you}. If you don't have a church feel free to attend mine -- Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia. You will not be disappointed. }


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