Monday, June 19, 2017

A Cry to Black Youth ``We Can Do Better''

I have not done this yet, but I think if I asked a group of Black youth if they had ever bought a lottery ticket, many hands would go up. By the same token, if I ask a group of Black youth How many of them had invested in the stock market {In Black companies} or bought stock in Black companies, I don't think the majority of hands would go up at all. Is this the fault of the White man? Yes. The School system the White man largely controls does not teach much about investing in Black companies through the stock market and How this can help our entire Black community. But let's over ride the White man and his influence for about 900 years. If you know of any youth about 20 or 25, they can make a great much on the stock market if they invest consistently for 40 or 50 years. I Am 60 and just getting the message, but there is a great deal of Hope for Black youth, but they have to start changing some behaviors and think more in a can-do Way and more positively. For Black youth, this means only two pair of sneakers, few new clothes and less hot tickets for Hot movies and Hot live concert events. {I have to remind you that some stocks pay dividends, so you may only have to do without for a short time}.  It might also mean investing in the stock market instead  and doing the proper research on the net to find the correct and proper stock to buy. Investing in Black stocks is a Way to stabilize Black communities, bring about Black prosperity, help Black institutions like Black schools, Black churches, Black Think Tanks, Black sororities and Black fraternities, and Black Social Service agencies. But the best stocks that are with companies that have the kind of good or great values, ethics and standards you want to emulate or perpetuate. Read the company's Mission Statements and read their Annual Reports back a few years. Find out what their values are and if they match or compare to some of your best, good and highest values.  (If you buy stocks n companies that don't treat their workers correctly, have clean air-conditioned factories, pay good wages, etc., you are really supporting the oppression of People who probably look just like you -- People of color in usually a foreign land.). I think this would not be a good thing. Choose good stocks with good companies that really care about their workers, the industry they are in, the environment and people in general. Read up on How to establish good ethics and good values for yourself. It is not only about going to church of Mosque. You can pick media icons like Angela Bassett, Will Smith,  Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, and or thespian Denzel Washington. Such People are not only great to watch on television and in movies, but have the kind of values about Black People, and themselves, that you should consider worthy of emulating. You don't have to meet such Black People for them to be characters you will want to emulate. This activity sure will get you ahead a great deal quicker than hanging around with troubled friends who might be wanting to pull you down. This is why I don't smoke pot or joint. I don't need anything that is illegal or not recommended or subscribed by a doctor, that will make my thoughts unclear, cloudy or unbalanced.        

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