Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Black Men Should Speak Up in Therapy By Tracy Charles Gibson

🌍What I say to Black Men Who Won’t Speak Up In Therapy…///////  By Tracy Charles Gibson…

**Say Brother, I heard you don’t speak up in therapy. You have problems you don’t want to talk about. I understand this, but do you know How much it cost for therapy? A therapist is a trained professional who can help you with your problems, but not if you don’t speak up. Can your problems really be as specifically related to you as your thinking? Is your suffering really that awful.   When you say something about what is bothering you in therapy, the healing really begins in earnest.  It won’t happen by osmosis.  It will be painful at first, but once you get into it, well it is like sex. You will actually enjoy it.  I spent the first three years in therapy actually crying and talking to my therapist. Plus I had to pay out of pocket. I had a private psychiatrist. That cost big money. Guess what, it is the best investment I ever made during my whole life. Another thing I noticed is that people can’t see or understand How therapy is helping at first. It is invisible, odorless and tasteless – the progress that is.  What it does help with is not letting your wife or significant other, or boyfriend, get under your skin to the point where you go off and hurt someone, or stand in the middle of a room at home and scream. Or you just don’t want to talk and avoid your mate to the point that you can’t accept kissing, hugging or sharing your intimate times together. Life is to enjoy, not tolerate in drudgery. Are you hiding behind something like an extreme faith that is closing in on you instead of allowing you to open up, enjoy life and experience true freedom?  Something is wrong and you need to open up and talk about it and deal with it. No matter what it is, there are others who have similar problems and similar situations. I invite you to read what I’ve written on my blog about my own confessions. Log onto (Look for True Confessions or Confessions). If you think I didn’t have a difficult time writing this and opening up to the public, well you would be wrong. It really hurt even after 30 plus years of therapy.  But I did it for you Brother, so I could be an example of success.   I have found therapy extremely helpful in solving problems and coming up with solutions for problems both social and interpersonal.  It has helped me manage crisis; talk to family members about things family members don’t generally want to talk about; and it has helped me LOVe People who I have wanted to just disappear in the past. Now I can talk to them, and I don’t hold the type pf grudges I used to.  Therapy, still is not a panacea.  Therapy active is a real help in coping with problems and opening up doors that will help you thrive in the future. People stay ``stuck’’ for years, not understanding what is going on and unable to get to the root of the situation or problem. Therapy is designed to help blow the blockade away and bring on hope, peace, resolve, GOD, true faith, more decency and an ability to share authentic LOVe. LOVe – not as a victim, but as a partner who benefits from true intimacy, sharing and caring. The good times with the bad and indifferent times. So open up and share. You’ll be much better for it in the near future.

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