Thursday, June 1, 2017


1-- Denzel Washington,

2—My mother once called Spike Lee (look up the spelling of His name)  ``a little nothing.’’  Mom had a Way with words and didn’t bite Her tongue. I don’t think Mom hated Spike Lee or was jealous of His success. I think She thought He was pretty cool. However,  I have pondered this statement ``a little nothing’’ and Mr. Lee’s movies over and over again in my head and I can’t figure out what’s at the root of what She was trying to say. Mom was also brilliant intellectually and LOVed Black People, so I’m figuring She wouldn’t say such a thing without a purpose in saying it. 

``Inside Job’’ is a film Mr. Lee made that broke new ground for Him and helped propel Him into a role as a main stream director.  He had some major stars like Jody Foster and Denzel Washington in this one. It was about a bank heist that never really happened. I would have to get the film again to figure out the plot completely, but that is the gist of it. I have always wondered why Black celebrity types can’t just get together and formulate their own distribution companies and overreach the big grasping hand of the White man, and distribute our films ourselves.   The distribution of films seems, to me, to e what is holding us back from approving films ourselves with Big Budgets and overstepping the financial risk which is the major excuse White distribution companies like Metro Goldwyn Miller (Look up Spelling), Dream Works and Seventy-Five Cent, LLC.  

At first blush, Mr. Lee seems like a really cool Brother.  His company is said to be a great one to work for. My therapist wants me to call Mr. Lee and ask for a job.  There are many jobs I could do for Mr. Lee including executive director of His major office; assistant director of staff;  or researcher.  I haven’t called. I am in need of work and pay really bad and barely have food on the table. I had an air sandwich tonight, for example.

3—Diana Ross is a wonderful singer and actress, but I have often wondered why She hasn’t ever taken a liking to Black men, except for Barry Gordy.  She married two White boys and had her children by them. This is Her prerogative, I’m not judging, just stating fact.  If you ever see Diana Ross on Television, She looks spooked. Something is really bothering Her that She won’t talk about. She has never, as far as I can tell, been very philanthropic  like Denzel Washington is of like Rudy Dee and Ossie Davis were.  Ms Ross may well just want to keep Her giving secret for political reasons or for whatever reasons, or maybe She doesn’t have so much control over Her money as the public – you and me – might think.  Her last husband (Get his name) was a billionaire who died in (get year) a skiing accident t. Apparently He left Her several billions of dollars. Yet I have NEVER seen any newspaper headlines showing where She puts Her money. This would take a very big mattress indeed!.  Diana Ross wanted to go on a probably final tour about seven years ago, but couldn’t get approval for money. Why didn’t She use Her own money? She could have certainly gotten together the cash She needed and got some managers and gone on tour Herself. Even if She couldn’t have gotten the original Supremes together She could have gotten some other pretty good singers and done a stage and light show that would have certainly brought in some major cash residuals for Herself.  ``LOVe Hangover,’’  ``The Boss,’’ ``Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’’ alone would have had me paying for a ticket and I know many young Black People would have bought tickets to experience Her for the first time.  What skeletons does Ms Ross have in Her house?  I think of ``Mahogany’’  which was Her second major film. She played a character named Tracy who was a brilliant fashion designer who was in LOVe with a gentleman from the Black community running for Congress in the formation of one Billy Dee Williams. Gene Shallot (Look up for spelling)  the film critic said the ``acting was rather wooden, but the film was oak,’’ in His opinion.  I liked the film, but the scene with the car crash with Anthony Hopkins (Do the research), was a bit much.  I would like to see Ms Diana Ross and several other B lack Celebrities do more philanthropy like Denzel Washington and Kevin Heart are doing.  One thing I can say for Ms. Diana Ross. She took several years off from Her career to bring up Her children in the Way She wanted to. For this I give Her high credits and high recommendations.  However, I would like to see Her do more philanthropy and speak out on some political issues if She so pleases.  One thing I have always been concerned about with Ms Ross is her weight. She is rather thin. I am sure She gets the proper diet and exercise, so maybe it is a health issue. I pray it is not anything serious and that She lives a good and long life.  It would be a triple scandal if She were diagnosed with HIV / AIDS because it would impact so tremendously on Her beautiful family.  Her children may be biracial, but they are some very good actors included there including Tracey Ross and  Her son (Look Up names). I have watched them in films and think they have great potential.

4 Samuel L. Jackson has to have a secret also.  mr. Jackson  gets so many coveted roles in Hollywood that  this is very, very strange because his acting style is OK, but nothing special. The character he played in ``Pulp Fiction’’ had an epiphany (Look Up for spelling and meaning) after when he was shot at and didn’t die.   Maybe mr. Jackson also experienced something like this in real life. his character in ``Brown’’ was ruthless and when he was ripped off for some significant lute, he got really mad and got even.  his character ended up dead as a door nail {I am sorry for the cliché, Brother Joseph Beam. LOVe, LOVe, LOVe}. My theory is, not that anybody asked me. My theory is that mr. Jackson has ``some major’’ on the fat cats in Hollywood and they want to keep him satisfied lest he reveal whatever it is they have on him and start a real squeak.  I have no idea what it is. I could think up a thousand people and a thousand things, but personally I think it is something about that former record producer of Whitney Houston’s, who was also into the film industry and film production. (Look up his name). I heard he was Gay, which is still the kiss of death unless you do a benevolent coming out like (look up the guy with His own show about architecture, or Gen – look her up as well – ABC, went to CVS with the First Lady – the respected and honored Mrs. Michelle Obama).  This is the most puzzling of all because I really can’t figure out what all the hubbub is about because I thought we were over the craziness about coming out and being Gay in Hollywood or anyplace else.  Even Wall Street workers and military heads are supposedly allowed to be Gay or Lesbian now a days and everybody almost applauds. At least this was so during the Obama Administration, which if you are Black, of course everybody knows we still have them in office someplace in Texas of Chicago.  I personally no longer accept a White president. Back to mr. Jackson. Strange.  Maybe he has figured out the ``Out of Africa’’ movement among progressive Whites. This is where all White settlers and White businessmen in Africa have to get  out in a few short months and look for housing and economic opportunities elsewhere and leave Africa to the Africans.  Thousands of Black professionals and Black Nationalists have signed onto this theory and are actively engaged in getting White folk out of Africa so we can help the continent become stable, resourceful, beautiful and a lively  thriving center point of Black pride and dignity. So, mr. Jackson has power among the Jewish People and he is not letting his Black Hollywood compatriots know How he got it or How they get it. I still go see his movies, but I don’t consider him an ethical person.

5—Becky Raboso.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a Brother I respect. I have been greatly influenced in a positive Way, by not only His rhetoric, but His personal ethics. I have been especially influenced by the potent, direct and biting criticism of our established order including our often wrong-headed and corrupt government  and our often wrong-headed, unethical and corrupt corporate structure. But I don’t model my own activism after His and I don’t want to and can’t become a Black Muslim. The reason I can’t become a Muslim is two-fold. One, I don’t want to become a Black Muslim even though I believe many of the political dictates they believe in. I am a Christian and LOVe being a Christian. I believe in Liberation Theology and am partly a polytheist. (Look up this work before you go public with this).  Two, I have often wondered what The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan  does with all the money {$} they collect from people selling books, DVDs, newspapers {The Final Call}, and fees for events, schools, and collect at Mosque {If they do collect $ at Mosque}. It seems to me they could have done a great deal more to construct an alternative society for Muslims than they have. Now I don’t know what it cost to pay staff and maintain existing Black Muslim infrastructure, so I’m only going from what I see on the surface. I really shouldn’t even be giving my opinion without examining their books and such, but this is what I feel and think from what I know. I have to say I do not agree with the persecution of Muslims nor do I think the terroristic tactics a small minority of them use are useful, or helpful. I think such violent behavior must be persecuted no matter if the right wing or the left wing or the middle wing has taken part in that violent behavior. There was a point in my life that I not only attend meetings at Mosque Number 12 in North Philadelphia, I actually sat in the office of Minister Rodney Muhammad and talked about my interests in becoming a Black Muslim. Since then I have changed my thinking and my mind and found a really supportive Black church in Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia and no longer want to even entertain the idea of becoming a Black Muslim. Plus, they don’t’ accept out Gay people, and I am not going to live my life in the closet as a repressed homosexual.  Two. And this is a related reason, I think The Honorable Louis Farrakhan is way too critical of Gay people. Not only that, I think He has a reason that goes beyond  the norm and is at the root or crux of His hatred of Gays. There is no denying that a lot of the Brothers who become Black Muslims come out of the prison system. And you know what goes on in prison. A lot of homosexual relations and man on man rape and man on man sex because there is no access to the female persuasion.  This is a secret that the Black Muslims don’t want to talk about. If there are a lot of Black Muslims coming out of the prison system and a lot of man on man sex in the prison system it would seem to follow that there are either repressed homosexuals in the Black Muslim movement or a lot of undercover or Down Low action among the Black Muslims.  Then Brother Minister Farrakhan is critical of homosexuality. This would make an inner conflict for some Brothers who want to be themselves and ``come out’’ as Black and Gay.  Being a former Calypso singer, I have to wonder if Minister Louis Farrakhan has ever had any personal experiences that have sharpened His tongue in regards to some experiences He Himself has had or that a floes family member has had.  I am just putting out thoughts and have no evidence here. I know How respected and in what high regard many Black men hold the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Like I said, I do also, but I’m a writer, a thinker and a journalist, and a businessman. One thing I must say also. Gays and Lesbians and Transgendered People do have some issues they themselves need to deal with as far as their own ethics and behaviors. There is way too much youth worship, way too much self hatred, way too much drinking, partying  and avoiding self-adjustment problems, and way too much free, open, sometimes kinky and unrestrained sex.  (By the way there is a whole community of People of all races that also take part in these behaviors who are straight or heterosexual.). I don’t approve of this either. To a similar point, however,  the White and Black Gay community needs to self examine itself and come up with some community-wide standards that are at least goals for behavior and actually work towards those goals.  I do not hold my tongue because I might step on someone’s toes with my words. I Pray all the time that I will only speak the truth and putout thoughts in my writing that are going to do good for Black People and People who work hard and honestly to improve the circumstances of Black People and Poor People, create justice, create decency, create freedom and stabilize democratic social orders that are fair and free no matter what part of the world they live in.  But there is something strange about the bitterness and hatred that comes from Minister Louis Farrakhan when He talks about homosexuals.  Another concern I have is whether   or not the Nation of Islam has deep connections with the Black Mafia and the Black or even the White underworld.  I can’t prove this, but I have heard very reliable People tell me that this is so. A former Black Muslim friend of mine who was a member of the Fruit of Islam told me that there is still until this day prostitution and illegal drug sales going on within the Black Muslim movement.  I had turned my head when I was younger because I didn’t want to believe it. I know they, the Black Muslims, do great things, but I once met with a group of elite Black People – mostly Brothers and one sister—who got around in a circle in Washington, D.C. and said some of these same things as if they were fact.  So this I wonder about also. Mind you, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the Black Muslims, during the time of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,  got more men off of illegal drugs than ANY government institution within the United States government. It also does not refute the fact that the Black Muslims and the Black Muslim movement holds fast and strong as a righteous and positive movement that helps people in many positive Ways, including get off of drugs, have stronger ethics, and more determination and discipline in their daily lives which translates into stronger families, stronger family values and more success in business. The good, in my mind, outweighs the bad.   None of the articles I have written here have been written with revenge, vindictiveness, bitterness, hatred or hurtfulness in my heart and soul. I am working to help us become LOVing and decent souls. I want us to do our best and be honest with ourselves. If you have any comments please call me directly at my office / home at 1 (215) 823 9985.

Singing off: Brother Tracy Gibson…


6—Shariff Street  (Look up the spelling of His name, or call the committee of 70) is now a sitting State Senator from Pennsylvania and the son of a former Mayor of Philadelphia.  He is a very handsome young man, but He was made to stand outside of the political system fighting to find a seat to win successfully for several years before He finally won the seat of former State Senator Shirley Kitchen. The seat (Look up information) covers parts of North Philadelphia (do the research).  I am going to do the research to see if He has a family and all that. I know He is a lawyer, which helps a great deal if you want to be a city politician of state politician in Philadelphia.  Mr. Street is getting very good reports about How He is handling His constituent problems in His district.  Apparently He works hard and puts in long hours.  In a related matter, it was Shareef Street who stood with me outside of my house on 4635 Sansom Street as my house burned. There was no other sitting politician or recognized figure who was with me. My first cousin Vicky Wilmore was also there, by some strange circumstance.  Believe me, I never forgot the fact that  Shareef was there supporting me. (Thank GOD, but the Way, my house didn’t burn  down completely. The roof was badly damaged, however., but I was able to move back in quickly and get the damage repaired after a n adjuster took stock of the situation and I got money for the damage from insurance to pay for the repairs.  Street is deeply politically connected in Philadelphia. Yet it took Him a long time to get a political power base, even though His record is one of really ``being there’’ for People.  I wish Mr. Street well in his time in office, and I am confident that He will continue to do well. I don’t know if I’m on a trip this morning of ``misery LOVes company’’ but I still want to wonder why He took so long to get that political base He sought after for so long.  Was it because He isn’t much of a fiery speaker? Was He unable to rouse voters to go to the polls for Him? Were their rumors about His personal life?  He is a thin man and a little bit effeminate. Maybe the ``Black Community’’ didn’t like or accept something about Him. (Do the research about family).  If He has a family or not He could be bisexual. That is none of my business as long as it doesn’t interfere with the excellent work I hear He is doing for the Black community.  Are you getting at what I’m trying to put across here in these articles. We as a Black community need to stop thumping the Bible open and judging People about being ``GAY’’ like it is a crime. This is an era in which Gay marriage is accepted by the highest court in the land. I’m not saying Sharieff is Gay. But we have to evaluate People on more than that. Shareef has been a community activist for decades and has been successful at it and got some recognition. I wish this Brother well, no matter what His personal life is like. I am sure His father is proud of Him as well. 




7—Jannie L. Blackwell (Look up her research)  has been in City Council in Philadelphia since (Look up on doing research).  She has been a stall work, a  legal representative and a city politician for decades. She sits on the education committee and wants there to be an elected School Board, as do I.  Her commitment to Her West Philadelphia district is without a doubt, commendable. I don’t know How She does it with such consistency over such a long period of time.  She makes sure one group that deals in a positive Way with Africa – Echoes of Africa – gets proper funding.  She works diligently and hard at Her job and I would give her a C+. I say C+ because of two reasone. Fist She has been involved in scandal involving the Black Junior Mafia here in Philadelphia.  (Some kind of love twist I believe). I know it is very hard to stay out of scandal as a Philadelphia Black politician. I know there are temptations made to look just ripe and ready and good, by forces who themselves are not coming anywhere close to being ethical. And I know How much money gets flashed around in Philadelphia politics. None of those reasons are good enough excuses to fall off the beaten path and do things that are obviously wrong in the name of money, power, or wanting to maintain office.  I haven’t voted for Jannie for years, even though I have lived in Her district for quite some time(Check on this).  The reason I have not voted for Her brings us to the other reason Why I think She should not be in office. She has been there way too long. There needs to be term limits locally where a city politician can only stay In office for four terms. Anything else is unacceptable. // The Mayor only gets two terms. Why are we allowing limitless terms for City Council People?  There is a personal twist here as well. Ms Blackwell apparently has gone to bed with one of my ex-friends.  He was a thug type and in and out of prison. I was deeply in LOVe with Him and helped Him pay for needed items for His then baby like diapers and other baby items. He was married at the time, but told me (A damned fool at the time) that the woman He was married to didn’t mean anything to Him. I understand the pervasiveness of this individual named Blair Simmons.  I once sat up all night just looking at Blair sleep quietly after we had had an hours-long intimacy session while I live on Sansom Street.  He told me He slept with Jannie. I have no other proof, except the newspaper headlines that she slept with another ``thug’’ whose name I can’t remember. These allegations can be traced back through newspaper headlines in the Philadelphia Tribune.  These allegations make Ms. Blackwell sound like a rather unethical person. I want her to get out before they take away her pension.   Ms. Blackwell will get a very large pension for her time served in City Council. But she needs to step down and leave space for a young Bright Black face. No, I’m not talking about myself. I’m talking about a person who is qualified, educated, reliable, responsible, incorruptible, articulate, talented, electable, attractive and deeply concerned about Black People. They also need to have a special concern for Black children and their proper education as well as  be family oriented, without being homophobic. A delicate balance, if ever there was one.  Jannie capitalized off of the family name of Blackwell, from her husband Lucian (Look Up, Research) who served in that seat for years also.  SO I’m guilty of the typical political back slapping stuff myself, to a degree. I smile in Jannie’s face, but let it be known that I want her out of office.  The reason for that is sometimes I needs her help, like right now when I need a job.  Yet I truly feel she has been in office for long enough of a duration.  Enough said.

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