Monday, June 12, 2017

Letter on Behalf of Mother Drexel and Reverend Paul Washngton about West Philadelphia Gentrification..........

🌐From 400 AD, in the Egyptian Library at Alexandria, Egypt.
June 10th, 2017 Saturday Through June 11th, 2017 Sunday
From: Mr. Tracy Charles Gibson,
Also Known As Brother Tracy Gibson,
Also known as God, or a Child of GOD, But no More GOD than you are.
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer,
OF – Seventy-Five Cent, LLC; The Black Millionaire’s Network;
And the Parent Company -- ,  -- Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. {and subsidiary, The Black Millionaire’s Network}.
{I Am writing on behalf of the Spirit of Mother Drexel, as GOD}
{I AM GOD, But no more GOD than you are.}
670 North 41st Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 – 5202
Phone 1 (215) 823   9985
E-Mail;  BrotherTracy11@GMail.Com
To: Mr. Robert A.  Francis, Vice President of Facilities Department
Drexel University
Administrative Services Building
225 North 32nd Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   19104
Dear MR. Francis; I wish you a great day and Hope and Pray that the bitter nature of this letter is met with LOVing acceptance and Good Will. The reason I say this is because the true nature of this letter is one of LOVe and caring for my home community of West Philadelphia and LOVe and concern for my Native People – local African Americans.
     *I Am writing about the continuing problem of gentrification in Philadelphia and a solution. The property surrounding the ole site of University City High School needs to be and MUST be taken out of the hands of Drexel University and restored back in the hands of the People of West Philadelphia, namely Black local People and namely my corporate entities listed at the top of this letter.  I will work with the community to make sure I am serving them correctly and with good will and good faith. We are planning a full-service restaurant, a private Black school for 5th graders to the end of High School, a private exclusive movie theatre and stage theatre, a private library and a private personal residence for me – Our President, Founder and Chief Executive Officer – and my business partner. We have budgeted out the cost to be $67,429,000. In private funds to be provided humbly, graciously and with great honor from The Black People of Philadelphia, Philadelphia’s Black Business Community, The Progressive Black Celebrity Community and other progressive Black sources locally, nationally, state-wide and internationally {including Africa}. This is where the line is drawn against the horrendous encroachment and onslaught of continuing ruthless gentrification of Philadelphia’s Native Black Population. We seek political and social support from all sectors, but only want financial support from the sectors mentioned above. All financial contributions will be meticulously monitored and properly researched. All donations deemed unacceptable will be returned with an appropriate letter saying exactly why the funds are not acceptable. We have noticed that improvements at this area have been very slow to materialize and we think this is a GREAT and GODLY thing. I, President, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of our parent company  -- Brother Tracy Gibson and Associates, INC. – Am a member of the first graduating class of University City High School, which just opened for business on  circa 1976. And was torn down just last year (2016) by the School District of Philadelphia. We want that land and I assure you if we are stalled in our plans in ANY way, Mother Drexel and several leading Black activists like the Reverend Paul Washington former Stewart of the Church of the Advocate in North Philadelphia, will be spinning in their graves and have vowed to make things Very Difficult for Drexel University and our fair city. Injustice is injustice. Fairness is fairness. These wonderful Spiritual entities {Mother Drexel and Reverend Paul Washington} will work hand in hand with City dwellers who are Black to see this project through over the next two years. If you would like to contact me about this important information you may do so at any of the contact points listed. I DO NOT TEXT! Your response to this letter will be posted on my Blog and sent to City Council and other City officials along with a copy of this letter. Both letters will be sent to several Black leaders including attorney Michael Coard, Minister Rodney Muhammad, WURD BLACK Talk Radio—900 AM, The Sunday Sun, Scoop Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine along with other pertinent and important Black leaders including Church leaders, The Reverend Al Sharpton, The Reverend Jesse Jackson and my own Pastor Jeffery Haskins of the Unity Fellowship Christ Church of Philadelphia. I thank you for your consideration and cooperation.
Gratefully True,
Tracy Charles Gibson
June 8 through June 11th, 2017 Thursday through Sunday.

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