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the Courageous and the wicked: Human Evaluations About the People You Know. .

the Courageous and the wicked: Human Evaluations.

More Evaluations of My Human Companions // Friends Here on this Precious Planet Earth.


Part B.

  1. --  Lady Diana. I wasn’t that impressed at first, not paying much attention to the Royal Family as I toiled away at my work as a Human Rights activist, Black Activist and Gay Rights Activist.  However, over time, I saw you as a relentless leader who had many of the same political beliefs I had. In you death, I began to see you as a role model for me and thousands of others, and a victim of the Royal Family’s conceded, traitorous, and ungodly work to continue to dominate economically and sustain White Supremacy. You worked against this and paid for this with your life.  When you married the Arab gentleman, even though He was well connected and wealthy, the Royal Family was egested,(Look Up Spelling)  angry and out for revenge and received it at your death. I know for a fact that those flash camera men might have caused your death by car accident, but the long arm of the Royal English Family was at the root of it.  I also know you were becoming a world renowned anti-war activist as you insisted that the United States Pentagon  unearth the many war mines that had been placed in Africa and elsewhere – mostly Angola—and this anti-mine campaign of yours was beginning to show the Pentagon for the ruthless, uncaring, wrong-doers many of them are. The Pentagon didn’t appreciate this and I think the arm that reached out to your car and destroyed you and your boyfriend can  be traced back to the Pentagon as well.  Some People think heaven is only for Black People, but believe me, if I have anything to do with it, you are here as well.  Your memory will not be destroyed, and your work will live on into the far off future. The world is thankful for what you were able to achieve while you were a human with a human existence. As a positive Spirit I know for sure you continue your work. I Think you are especially Blessed by God and I wish, humbly, that you share some of those blessings with me for the hard work I am doing and not forget me. -- The little guy on 41st Street.  I also wish your children well  and Pray they take on a positive role in helping the world in whatever Ways they can.
  2. The Queen of England. You are a vampire. A blood sucker of the planet who gets away with looking real good in the public. I don’t like to call White poor People trash, but you are Dirty White Trash. (That come not only from me, but from many of the poor Black People in the Community where I live.) .  You have taken the life’s blood from entire countries in Africa and East India, and left those places, through plunder, stealing, rape, destruction and greed, you have left those places in need and want. What you give back is about 3% of what you have taken. If I could legally confiscate all the wealth you have stolen from Africa and East India I would do so in a heartbeat.  You ruthlessness will be rewarded to you by GOD with more than a sore ankle or a sore hip. You will get your come-up-ense as soon as GOD works His // Her Ways and take good care of you and exposes you for what and Who you really are. I suggest that People Goggle and  also look under and put in the Ruthless Queen of England if they want to find out the truth about you and all those African diamonds you are seen parading around in that were stolen from Africa along with the rubies, emeralds  and other gems, gold, oil and so forth – all plundered and stolen from the poor People in Afriac. .  The English government has been in deep compliance with your dirty and threatarious (LOOK UP WORD) work for generations, as you have outlived several Prime Ministers of England. If I travel to England it will be to visit the Black history sights not to see your blasted guard change.  Keep doing the charity work you do, but it will never buy you a ticket to heaven, where Lady Diana does Her work in perpetuity .  This is not to even mention the brutal, heartless enslavement of hundreds of Africans to do your horrible world domination work that once stretched around the globe, but has been properly receding for decades.  Your ``subjects’’ who are proud of your work look on in ignorance or turn their collective heads away from the Human Rights violations that carry your brand name and stamp. Your image in carefully tailored by the media to exclude the horrible things like beheadings, mass incarceration, murder, economic plunder and the literal rape of a land and Black People in far too much of Africa. I am suppose to forgive People like you, but I extend that work to GOD who has the last word on your fate.  You sit on over $300 billion dollars in stolen wealth and then you help the English government discriminate against foreigners and curb back on government benefits which makes it hard on far too many in England. Especially for the poor. You are a dastardly coward. I have been told to keep things positive, but I’m sorry, a proper criticism of you is not only in order, but a very positive thing in deed.  I just Pray that People get the courage and find the time to read more about you than what is put in the elite white – run, White Supremist press about you -- reading the truth about you and making their own judgments.
  3. Mr. Curtis Jones, city councilman of Philadelphia. I looked on early as you ran, as almost a child, against City official Marg Tartaglioni (Look up Spelling—Chair City Committee Voting Etc. ). You were proud, angry courageous, caring, determined, GODLY, regal – a political Lion, an articulate  Tiger ready, willing and able to kick some high knee for the Black community. {Righteously so, it was shortly after the time or during the time rizzo lost his bid for a third term as Mayor. } I was very, very proud of you for running for that seat, even though you lost.  However, your loss was just an internal signal for you to come charging back to win the next time. You have done some great things in office as a City Councilman. That stands true and ripe.  However, you are not making the kind of waves you need to make any longer. That $170,000. Salary you make as a sitting City Councilman (Do the Research) , has helped you get into a position where you turn your back on people losing their houses to gentrification; suffering from police brutality; or suffering in poverty.  I offer you the opportunity to call my office and find out what we can work on together to repair the dastardly situations Black Philadelphians find themselves in  as too many White developers are greasing way too many palms here in the City of Brotherly LOVe so they can destroy Black neighborhoods and make boatloads of $$$...  You can do a lot better, and I pray you do.  I am disappointed with you, but hopeful that you are either replaced with fresh talent who can do much better, or turn your life around and face the True God and find out your true calling as a decent, honorable, and ethical Black  politician here in Philadelphia.
  4. Marg Tartaglioni. You reeked with South Philadelphia. You were a heartless, corrupted, rude, God-Forsaken woman that Black People resented and White racist South Philadelphians LOVed to death.  The word corruption rang like a bell when you walked in a room. A rizzo crony from way back, you made sure as many Black People were taken off the voting rolls, regardless of their legitimate qualifications as a Philadelphia voter. I believe you are dead and gone, and I think your daughter, who is likewise a politician, is much improved from what you were.  You were cheap-looking, unprofessional, hateful, and disgusting. You sparked Mr. Curtis Jones and His partner at the time, to take up what money and power they had at the time, and run for office against you.  {It was around 1979 or 1980) Do the research). You twisted arms, cajoled people, and did favors and shamefully won your seat again.  GOD will never let you rest in your grave. If there is a devil,  he has charge of you now and probably has you cooking  some crazy food for the rest of your life in Hell, where you belong.  Being progressive and revolutionary and staying positive means turning negative at this point. I can’t find anything nice to say about you. One thing I will say is, I have to give an apology to your family who have, some of them, have worked towards racial harmony in our city. But for you – eat ashes.
  5. Frank rizzo. I will not give you the respect to capitalize your last name. You have so much red blood on your hands, that I cannot even mention it.  One thing you did that makes me really angry was you made a legitimate Black business man – a Black refrigerator repair man – you made Him and His business put a fire hydrant in  His North Philadelphia store basement at His own cost.  I know this because I interviewed the Black store owner (You can look this up in the Philadelphia Tribune from 1970 to 1981 when I used the name Trace Gibson as a reporter).  He has a fire at His place of business during the winter months and His business was destroyed.  I always thought the fire was suspicious, but I never proved it. You were a kind and gentle man of good nature and good heart. You must have passed by now. I am sure you are on the shoulder of GOD with Ms. AKYRA MURRAY, who guides my every thought and decision, having had Her life snuffed out by Philadelphia police.  There are so many things I didn’t like about you. Things I really hated like the fact that you made some Black Brothers who were in the Black Panthers strip naked (The photos can be found in the Philadelphia Daily News);  you had Black school children’s heads whipped in at a legal and open school demonstration for better education; you killed MOVe members in Philadelphia at the shoot-out  on August 8th, 1968 where Delbert Africa was kicked brutally by police as He stood there defenseless with His arms held out like Jesus Christ. He had His natural hair in dreadlocks pulled and ripped out by police as He was struck with a police helmet. (Do the research yourself and look in You Tube under MOVe  Shootout 1968 Philadelphia or Delbert Africa. He is now, some 30 years later, still languishing in jail in or near Philadelphia. I ask for what? You also laughed with a police night stick under your cummerbund as stupid Philadelphia Daily News reporters looked on and took your pictures. Yu failed at getting elected for a third term as Mayor – one of your greatest achievements, in my humble opinion.  You were corrupt, unprofessional, hateful towards Black People except Bill Peterson (my Uncle) and that Uncle Tom Boxer  Joe Frazer (Do the research).  Not only were you, as Mayor and Police Commissioner, unprofessional and hateful towards Black People, Liberals, and Progressives, you were an embarrassment as we prepared for the City’s bicentennial in 1976, you called out the National Guard or Army in fear of violence. There was no violence, but would-be tourist stayed away in droves as the national media spread the story like that Army sandwich on a shingle.  I was very young (22-23), but you were a natural embarrassment to me as a Philadelphia’s citizen.  There are hundreds of other things you did that were unlawful, stupid and relentlessly vulgar like putting Black men in jail just to be either hurt, killed or raped. (If I am wrong about this, please prove it and send me the proof. I will detract the statement).  You are the target of hatred by anyone decent and LOVing who lived through your time in office.  There must be a special place in Hell with your name in it, I hope your negative Spirit has been banned from the planet earth. If it is within my powers to do so I hereby proclaim your Spirit banished from the planet earth. Cracker!
  6. Pam Africa.  You hold wisdom and faith in your heart and soul. You might not be a traditional religious person, but I know GOD has found a home in your work and in your house.  I know How hard it is to control anger because I have been hospitalized for anger issues myself. I used to cringe when I saw you speak publicly about the police and police brutality.  It has taken me years to understand the true nature and the true insidiousness of the Cracker and the police (Not all of them in my opinion)  and it is Black People like you who have taught me many lessons. You have led the Way in the Mumia case {Mumia Abu Jamal} and I know Frank rizzo rolls over in His grave after you, His legal team and the Power of the People  got Mumia a life sentence  -- turning over a death sentence.  Your level of courage, pride, boldness, woman-wonder, your intelligence at legal issues and the ways of White folks is beyond magnificent.  Over the years, you have tempered your anger a bit and cooled down the cursing, but you have never, ever stopped LOVing Mumia, the Black political movement and your Black People as well as MOVe members and ATAC members. Mother Tarrasa has different tactics, but you  both work with and for  honor, justice,  truth and decency.  Many People don’t know you have a family. How in the world you had time to have children when you took on so much work, I’ll never understand. You are not rich, which makes me angry. You have NOT been rewarded by our Black community, many of us being too fearful and stupid (frankly) to understand How important your work is. I am always saying How stupid and foolish it is for us as Black People, to go to Asian stores and forget about supporting our own People’s important work as activists.  We enjoy our jobs not realizing that it is often a Black activist like Pam Africa who helps keep the pressure on for those jobs to exists in the first place. I know MOVe, which you are a golden member of, had a conference recently in Philadelphia. I was too busy to take the time out to at least hear a speaker or two. Yet, MOVe literally saved my life.  I have guilt around this, but I’ll make it up to you and Ramona one day soon.   By the Way, some Black Philadelphians don’t know it, but you are a Black female general  on a par with any Black general in African History including Hannibal. You are a true revolutionary who will never be forgotten by Her People and this writer.  GOD BLESS MOVe forever.  GOD Bless you forever. When you get a chance, I don’t know if you have been there, but travel to Cuba and Africa when you can. Yu deserve it and will learn much.  
    The Revolutionary Cuban People. We, as revolutionaries, sit at your feet and learn. You defeated the United States and ousted them from your newly formed Island Nation as Batista was deposed and defeated. I have visited your island nation and was deeply impressed. I will never forget what I learned, the lectures, the food, the handsome men, and most of all, ALL  the People when I traveled there in circa 1991. The entire continent of Africa sits as a student at your feet – including the feet of White Cubans who are revolutionary as well.  Many People still don’t know that Cubans are, half of the population, are of African descent.  You are not brass and harsh like we might think revolutionaries are. I found the Cuban People to be kind, generous, intelligent, LOVing, decent, humble, knowledgeable of at lest two or three languages, funny, and have the brightest eyes and the brightest students as any People on God’s earth. By the Way, you are often also Christians, having taken on the Catholic religion in your own Way and your own time.  I don’t like the fact that it was President John Kennedy who ordered the Bay of Pigs invasion to try to destroy Cuba’s revolution and when that didn’t work, He started the embargo against Cuba which deeply impacted negatively on the Cuban People for generations. {I LOVe the Kennedy family, but this is one [point about John Kennedy I do NOT like}. By the Way, your land is beautiful as are your People. I met a Cuban women who ws scared to speak with me about Cuba. Other People, about 10 of them were not scared to talk. I think this one woman may have been someone who was being victimized for her anti-Castro views; or was under suspicion as colluding with the Central Intelligence Agency or maybe She just thought I was such a collaborator – which I am not and have never been. I tried to respect Her right not to speak with me. Many Cubans know the heated lies the Western Press tells about Cuba so they are leery of talking to people who present themselves =as reporters or writers. This is totally understandable.  The lush vegetation, the beautiful plants and wondrous flowers, Figs and mangoes hanging from the trees, beautiful, soulful salsa music. Beautiful men and beautiful women. And those old cars you have refurbished for decades because we can’t seem to get you new BMW’s and new Mercedes that you all --  each Cuban --  deserves. One point of clarification that most North Americans don’t understand and that I found our clearly when I traveled to Cuba. The thing the Cuban People value more than anything else is not only Fidel Castor – who will never die here in Cuba, but the Revolution itself. Anything or any entity that would overthrow the Revolution is seen as,  an enemy. This is why some People are in prison. They are usually guilty of crime {very little here}  but guilty of colluding with the Central Intelligence Agency or other agencies that would overthrow the Cuban Revolution and re-enslave the Revolutionary Cuban People in favor of Capitalist expansion for profit makers. This is not what the Cuban People want. This is why the Cuban government has been accused of so-called human rights violations – for putting some people in jail, when in fact it is the North American government who has hundreds of innocent People in jail in this country North America or Turtle Island or the United States of Native America.   Go yee Cuba among free men of the world and free women and make your ideas and thought those desired by all Real People questing real  freedom and real justice among the entire globe and especially in Africa.  Help Africa see you have not lost your cultural advantage by allowing freedom to Gay and lesbian People. Your doctors rock the world with their free work of healing, bringing food, shelter and healing elements wherever they go. Don’t forget your heroes like Ernesto Che  Guevara , Fidel Castor and Jose Martin and help us often foolish  North Americans to  know the truth about our government and the Cuban Revolution which wiped out prostitution, hunger {largely) and  corruption {largely} .  Your country is again, a bold, courageous and decent gift for the world.  Not to be overthrown, but appreciated, Honored and LOVed.  I ask the world to read Progressive histories about Cuba {Put Progressive History of Cuba or Revolutionary Cuban History in or in WWW.Google.Com and look for videos and books on the subject. Visit there and visit stable parts of Africa as well.  You will be Blessed through GOD most High. 

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