Saturday, June 24, 2017

Personal Message to Stevie Wonder...

From: GOD -- {But No More GOD Than You Are} Also known as Brother Tracy Gibson.
670 North 41st Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 - 5202
1 (215) 823 9985
TO: Stevie Wonder -- If You are not also a GOD, Than I Am Not. Maybe, we are just children of GOD -- I know I feel close to Her!

Dear Stevie: I know you have tried to reach me in the past. I know you have tried to financially support me and the work I do for Black People. I am sending you a resume that describes much of my work. Your work -- especially in the 1970's -- was phenomenal, earth moving, and life-changing. ``All in LOVe is Fair'' comes to Mind as well as ``Boogie on Reggae Woman.''  I am sending this letter to thank you. For doing so many, many wonderful things for Black People, Poor People, Human Rights, and so much more to create a rainbow of hope and LOVe for everyone. You create musical perfection and your LOVe for us all has shown through. You, like me, are an Earth Father -- a man who works hard to bring laughter to the Poor, hope to Black People and decency to our World. I almost cried when I heard you pay for Blind People to be lifted up to feel the face of the New Martin Luther King statue in Washington, D.C. There are so many, many things I LOVe you for and for which I will never forget you. I am going to a Black Rights, Black History, Black Pride demonstration in Center City Philadelphia -- if the Lord lets me live another Day -- tomorrow at 11 A.M. at Seventh and Locust Street. (As it turned out I could not get there because I had more pressing work to do at the Free Library). I promise to listen to your music in my head. I don't have a walk man {Ole School} or iPOD, -- New School -- but your work and your music will be on my mind. If you can, I would like you to support a movie about Marcus Garvey. This Black Hero is someone needed on film for our youth -- sometimes lost -- (they) need to emulate. Please call Mr. Denzel Washington about this as soon as you can. I thank you again for the incredible work you have done.

Thank You,
Thank You,
Thank You,

GOD Bless YOU and Have a happy, Joyful Father's Day,

Gratefully TRUe

Tracy Charles Gibson

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