Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Evaluation you long of The Fraternal Order of Police

Human Evaluations of Human Beings on This Precious, Humble Planet Earth.

 Part C.

9} Will the Real Roxanne Jones please sit down. I want you to sit down and rest and relax your feet because they have walked in enough demonstrations for welfare rights and decency for poor and Black People here in Philadelphia. I want you to sit down because you have cared for enough Black children and grandchildren for one life time. You have stood in the face of people like Frank rizzo and Richard Nixon and said ``no you will not kill one more Black man, you bloody bastard. I want you to sit down and take it easy because you have served your People well as head of the Welfare Rights Organization and as a State Senator from Pennsylvania. You are a righteous and lovely Black woman, bold, outspoken, not taking no crap kind of a person with tenacity and courageously perfect before God’s eyes.  How many envelopes did you put together with information about a rally, or a dinner to raise money, or about who to vote for? Plenty. How many rallies have you spoken at even before you became a State Senator? Plenty.    How many phone calls did you make about filling a vacant seat with the correct kind of personality? Plenty! How often were you arrested for disorderly conduct in connection with a demonstration or against an illegitimate police action? Plenty. Your Spirit lives on after your passing and is still hard at work helping our Black community. Live forever Sprit, our Red man and Red friends from our Native Country tells us.  You are not only beautiful with your dark brown to Black skin, you are still the same kind of positive light you were then a few years ago when you left this place of existence. Your Black family and church family LOVes you. I was fortunate enough to interview you for my series on Black women in North Philadelphia. I never forgot the experience and I have LOVed you ever since.  We know times are hard for many Black People right now, but for you, we keep walking and marching and going and signing petitions, and reading the correct books, and eating correctly and drinking clear and clean water from Sistah Atiola’s restaurant at 4505 Baltimore avenue. {``With property E2-Electron Energized Technology, Real Water is beyond alkalinity…’’ It says this right on the bottle. Get Real water.  You have given us many, many victories and asked for so little for yourself.  When I say ``our Black politicians aren’t doing anything much,’’ it is not you I’m talking about. But it is not only what you do, it is the fact that you worked really hard and almost always did things with a high level of ethics and honor and professionalism and decency, especially because you were poor once and had such poor and humble roots. Never forget you, we will never forget you.   Your are like a Jesus Robe we put on each and every day. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!  Halalouya {LOOK UP SPELLING} .   You are REAL my Sister REAL! Thank you for serving us as Black People. Never forget you and you act as a living role model for males and females alike. GOD BLESS YOU FOR EVER!...

8} Fraternal Order of Police.  I want to start off with the words scoundrels and scallywags, but I want to be nice and be fair and look at their better side. This side, according to many Black Nationalist and Black activists, is never shown because it doesn’t exist. I disagree. It probably does exist.  I know for sure that Alfonzo Deal managed to be a police officer AND a president of the then North Philadelphia Action Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. And I know for sure my uncle Ken, who was a police officer never had one thing to say about the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police. And, if I am not mistaken, never fired His service revolver. Uncle Ken was the one of my Father’s  Brother’s who went to visit Him often when He was sick and living His last days.  For this I will never forget my Uncle Kenneth Gibson. Certainly there is a racist stream that flows through much of the Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia. This is a known fact that can be documented every time they get involved, usually foot in mouth first, in just about any city controversy that might involve any police officers. I know for sure also that the Fraternal Order of Police doesn’t get along quite well with the Guardian Civic League – the Black police officer’s union which was also in existence when Deal was head of the North Philadelphia Action branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  (One of the first demonstrations I went to in Philadelphia was with the Guardian Civic League who was demonstrating against South Africa’s racist social and political policy called Apartheid. A then Jewish friend of mine named Michele Swartz and I carried a mock coffin which represented Apartheid down Broad Street as part of the demonstration. It must have been in the mid to late 1980’s. It would take time for that racist system to cave in. Sadly, to this day, it hasn’t imploded upon itself like it must.). But I digress. Alfonso Deal, at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,  took over for Cecil B. Moore who is a legendary Black activist with a reputation among ole heads in the Black community like myself,  that just won’t quit.  Anyhow, The Fraternal Order of Police and the Guardian Civic League, which was also around during Deal’s time, don’t get along all the time. What is keeping them at each other’s thoughts? Listen here.  It has to do with politics.  The head of the Guardian Civic League is a Black women Right now.  I forget Her name (Do the Research).  She has come on WURD Black talk radio and has been critical of the Fraternal Order of Police.  This is the great thing about our system. At least it provides for open conversation and disagreements. But I contend we still don’t have a real democracy. But what the police have is a system called the Blue Code. {I don’t know if this system  or code is written or not, but it is real}. It is a code or system that no matter what a police officer seems to do, another police officer will not tell the truth as he or she knows it. This is where the cover ups start and when a Black teenager is harassed or hurt, it sometimes gets covered up along with the truth.  Another police officer will rarely tell the truth on the witness stand, even if she or he knows the truth about a given situation or event or incident.  This, to me, is where the shame of the uniform comes in. I could never wear that Blue uniform and know that such a system of not telling the truth is part of the job. There are many cases of police Brutality in Philadelphia that have ended in the loss of life of a young Black male or female teenager or young adult. This is, in my opinion calculated and unacceptable.  The Fraternal Order of Police in Philadelphia always comes out in favor of the police and say such things are ``justified.’’ I disagree with this. Certainly sometimes our Black youth, female and male, get out of hand when interacting with police sometimes, but they must not pay with their lives. Our youth are often beholden to this first grouping of character traits such as being  gifted, misunderstood,  talented, hard-working, energetic, responsible, courageous, ambitious, smart and ready, willing and able to work. {There are many other Black youth who are born or learn the following grouping of character traits:  knuckle heads,  stupid, foolish, silly, irresponsible, greedy, money-centered, void of good values, criminal-minded and who need to be in jail until they get the correct kind of supervision and guidance to get on a good and positive road of being the first grouping of human characteristics I listed here a few line before this . There are many, many police – I think the majority of police of all colours, who are equally these things as well—the first grouping of character traits I mentioned here. . I don’t think most police get up in the morning saying to themselves ``Let me kill one of those Black teens today.’’ I know for sure that this is not true.  I also know there are police officers whose characters fall right directly into the second grouping of People with the character traits I mentioned here.  I also know that the election of Mr. Larry Krisner  (Do the research)as the Democratic nominee for District Attorney is a direct result of the Black community and many White Philadelphians, standing up and saying enough is enough, let’s do something positive about the police’s misconduct around the way Black teenagers and Black young adults are treated and change this for the better. Mr. Krisner is a Jewish fellow and I voted for Him because I had the confidence in Him because He was endorsed by some good and solid unions in Philadelphia and my State Senator Mr. Vincent Hughes. Even though Mr. Hughes hasn’t been able to find me a job in 40 years as I have mostly voted as a Democrat, I still have some confidence in Him because He endorsed Mr. Kravner, who has a long record in Civil Rights and Human Rights advocacy. He will most assuredly be the new District Attorney here in Philadelphia because of the lopsided Democratic voting rolls here in the City of Brotherly LOVe.  Mr. Kravner is under pressure from the Black and Progressive community here in Philadelphia to do His due diligence and bring justice, real justice to the City regarding police misconduct and other things that the other previous District Attorneys let slide under the proverbial rug here in Philadelphia.  Police in blue should be arrested and serve time for anything illegal they do just like anybody else, including me, in Philadelphia. That includes the Mayor or any member of City Council or any other high office holder. It is that simple.  I think and have written the Fraternal Order of Police about this, I think the City’s police need another choice when they vote in a union representative. They need another one besides the Guardian Civic League and the Fraternal Order of Police. There needs to be a policeman’s union that is not Black, but is very much AGAINST racism, racial hatred and of progressive thought and progressive action.  There are hundreds of White, Asian, Black and Latin police officers who don’t want to be associated with the Fraternal Order of Police because of the racist stands they have taken on many cases, issues and situations.  I don’t blame them for this and I highly suggest they gather together and take on the job of getting better union representation for themselves. I don’t know if you HAVE to be a member of the Fraternal Order of Police even if you are a member of the Guardian Civic League. (Do the research).

7) KoTch Brothers. {do the research} Hate is something infection, as LOVe is also. Why we hate has probably been examined in over a dozen books. You two blood brothers are not only guilty of hating Black People and the Progressive Left. You hate for no reason. Why God let you get a hold of a dollar I’ll never know. If I could give you a punishment for your consistent and on-going work to destroy the Progress of Black People, the Progressive Left and the Democratic Party it would be to not be able to control even a single dollar or any amount of money in any Way, shape or form including any type of bank transactions electronic or otherwise. Legal people in your hire or who support you must change their tune and turn such evil work around in favor of the very good-hearted and good natured People I mention in this story. This is due to the endless suffering you have worked to inflict on the poor and the innocent. I ask People of kind heart and LOVlyness  not to buy Dixie Cup products or Brawney Paper Towels because as far as I know you own these products. Please do the research and find out what other products the KoTch Brothers own. I believe they also own utility companies and oil companies. Such companies must be boycotted by all People who care about humanity and Black People and poor People and all People who want to see Justice and Freedom on this precious little earth we have been given the rare opportunity to share. I also ask that GOD not make it possible for the KoTch Brothers to not be able to hand even a thin dime on to the next generation of their family, or any friend or companion or other Person – even the unknowing – who might at some future time give the money back to you willingly or unknowingly in any such formation that it might take know to man or GOD or unknown to man or God. People like you have been surmountable to such hatred spewing across this great and fine country and world that you must be stopped by any and all means necessary.   I also ask GOD to think up Ways to make your lives as uncomfortable as possible, because you have made our lives as Progressive and Radical left Black People uncomfortable and sometimes a living Hell as we have worked to make happiness, pride and comfort a thing for the poor, helpless, the innocent and the Black especially.  A few People will ask who I think I Am delving into punishments that may take a few days to stick and become effective. Frankly, I Am no better than any other man or woman. But I have been put in a position to be able to help others and I take my job quite seriously. Finally, I ask that any roadblocks you have placed – as KoTch Brothers or as any other entity, in the way of others who might also be working towards the progress of the Progressive Left, Black People or any People wanting good and positive change in this work, I ask that those roadblocks be lifted right away and that KoTch money itself be handed over to the Black and the poor or good heart and good nature who want to see themselves lifted in an effective and on-going Way and that all efforts by the KoTch Brothers to step on the poor and the Black or any other People working for progress be stopped immediately and thusly, and with the hands of God be turned around to help such people mentioned here. Such People we should be helping and not hurting are those Transgendered People of good will and good fortunate enough to be Black or poor and who want to authentically help our world and our planet become mo Better at itself helping such people and also Black People who are authentically engaged in helping Poor People, creating justice and fairness, and all such People who are engaged in these justice oriented activities including women, Native People, Latino and Latina People, Asian People, East Indian People, or any such People including Gay and Lesbian, Straight People, bisexual People, or asexual People, religious or ill religious People of all faiths and professions and incomes who want to see progressive change – I ask that these People be able to work out their differences and never, ever again be stopped in their work by any forces or people ever conjured up at all.. And that includes the KoTch Brothers.  May all your efforts as the KoTch Brothers or any other entity to pay off any People or person or entity in this world or any others be stopped  and again turned around to help the most unfortunate, formerly homeless, homeless, weak, downtrodden, or unknowing.  I also ask GOD that MR. Harry Belafonte’s voice and personhood, in whatever formation, move into the far, far future to lecture, write, make movies and so forth to tell the story of the KoTch Brothers in a fair and balanced Way so the world can be warned about you.  This is the gift I give to the World today and for all time in the future. So help me GOD. Amen and Ashe’.

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